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<amz3>sorry I changed topic
<amz3>I'd like to say: me too!
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<felipebalbi>hi, I'm trying to use FFI to bind a library to guile. The library has an _init() function which takes a void **ctx and an _exit() function which takes a void *ctx. How can I describe this void ** and void * in guile's FFI?
<felipebalbi>basically from C you would: void *ctx; _init(&ctx); do_something(); _exit(ctx);
<felipebalbi>I'm thinking that once I can make a void *ctx in guile, I would use something like (init (pointer-address (library-pointer-ctx)))
<felipebalbi>but how to make a C pointer in guile?
<amz3>felipebalbi: I think I have the solution somewhere
<felipebalbi>amz3: thanks :-)
<felipebalbi>if it gets to the point of being too laborious, I'll just wrap the library with C itself, but I'd like to rely 100% on guile, if possible :-)
<felipebalbi>amz3: so, if I understand correctly. (double-pointer pointer) is what turns pointer into &pointer ?
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<stis> function oriented and a little prolog
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<amz3>felipebalbi: double-pointer is variable