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<catonano_>daviid: I made a small experiment with Hoplon. An interface for selecting a datetime in an ipotetical web app
<catonano_>it's on line somewhere but I can't remember where I put it :-/
<daviid>catonano_: it's ok, don't waste your time, i'm not a 'web guy', just pasted the haut link because you mentionned hoplon (which uses clojure by the way, so for me out of the game anyway: I'd use guile for these things, we have a framework as well, gnu artanis ... for info again0
<catonano_>yes, i just wanted to support my argument about how the web has become an unantangable mess
<catonano_>native Gnome apps feel reassuring, these days
<catonano_>daviid: you made clear tat you're not curious about it, but I ust found it
<catonano_>if you press on the datetie button, the things pops up
<daviid>catonano_: right, but thanks. anything like that I'd write a guile-gnome based app
<catonano_>daviid: :-)
<catonano_>I came to this conclusion too
<paroneayea>wingo: care to enlighten me on something I ought to understand but don't? :) I'm trying to help debug the goops code
<paroneayea>compute-generic-function-dispatch-procedure is doing something smart with the logior and ash and procedures. I suppose it's doing something efficient with looking things up, but I guess I'm not experienced enough to figure out what, or how to understand it
<paroneayea>if you have a pointer as to what area of reading I should do, I'd appreciate it
<paroneayea>hope I'm not being annoying! my goal is to help :)
<wingo>heya paroneayea
<wingo>paroneayea: seen-arities is producing a set of the arities that have been seen
<sneek>I'll keep that in mind.
<wingo>paroneayea: that set is an integer used as a bitfield:
<wingo>bit 0 being set means that an arity of 0 was seen, bit 1 being set indicates arity 1 was seen, etc
<wingo>to add a bit to the set, that's (logior arities (ash 1 arity))
<wingo>ok guile 2.1.7 is out and announcements made
<janneke>wingo: congrats on the release + thanks!
<wingo>lol i think civodul forgot to push guile-web updates for 2.0.14...
<wingo>sneek: later tell civodul did you forget to push guile-web update for 2.0.14? if so would you please rebase and push and regen the guile web site; i think we might have lost 2.0.14 news item from the feed
<sneek>Will do.
<lloda-home>2.1.7 bombs on OS X with "'SOCK_CLOEXEC' undeclared"
<lloda-home>seems to be the gnulib update
<lloda-home>found this thread
<wingo>that's irritating :P
<amz3>héllo! My computer is crashing because of the recording but I will try to finish what I started
<amz3>paroneayea: is there an open mediagoblin pod I can publish my videos?
<paroneayea>wingo: oh ok!
<paroneayea>wingo: congrats on the release :)
<amz3>ark! I uploaded mp4 videos :(
<amz3>and in the wrong order...
<catonano_>amz3: I can' t wait to see how you hack :-)
<amz3>catonano_: :)
<catonano_>one of the most meaningful experiences to me was when I has soem sessions of pair programming with my boss, many years ago, in a previous life, let' s say
<amz3>pair programming is fun, it's just not easy to keep it going for several weeks...
<amz3>like is difficult to choose whether you would be faster+better if you code alone.
<catonano_>amz3: I' m dinign now with some people who reached me home. I'll take a look soon ! Thanks !!
<paroneayea>I guess soon I need to resurrect guile-squee
<paroneayea>I'm going to outgrow gdbm soon for pubstrate's needs
<daviid>paroneayea: don't forget to look at the devel branch, becuse I think you till did not :), and I fully autool chained it about a year ago or so ...
<paroneayea>daviid: :)
<paroneayea>huh, racket's reader includes an immutable hashmap by default i tlooksl ike
<paroneayea> that's pretty nice
<paroneayea>maybe we'd have less O(n) code in guile if more people had a lazy way to include immutable hashmaps in quasiquote :)
<paroneayea>or if we had non-append-only immutable hashmaps in guile by default in general, I think would help
<paroneayea>hey whatever happened to that fash.scm code? :)
<catonano_>amz3: I' ve been watching half of your first screencast
<catonano_>amz3: firstable: very cool background !
<catonano_>Too bad the definition is a bit too low it' s really hard to understand what goes on exactly. I could get a glimpse of the general idea and it seems really cool !
<catonano_>I couldn' t read a single charachter of the code doing dealing with the url of your request
<catonano_>paroneayea: fash.scm ?
<catonano_>amz3: the mp4 is waaay better !!