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<paroneayea>here's a version of my 8sync talk, which I also gave in Chicago
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<wleslie>paroneayea: very cool!
<paroneayea>also on
<kristofer>is there is an easy way to locate the definition of a symbol with geiser?
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<amz3`>ArneBab: my stream implementation which is specific to my use case, I don't think it's a good candidate for inclusion in guile proper
<amz3`>ArneBab: it's starting at L81 and everything related to traversi
<roelj>Is there a string-split function that only splits the string on the first occurrence of the split character?
<davexunit_>paroneayea: fun talk! :)
<paroneayea>thanks davexunit_ :)
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<roelj>Is there any way to speed up the read-line function from rdelim?
<roelj>It seems 2.1.5 is even slower than 2.0.13
<avoine>I was reading srfi-81 yesterday, could it help to put the buffer-mode to line?
<avoine>I've failed to found any example of someone using it thought
<paroneayea> ah!
<paroneayea>most of the guile talks are up
<OrangeShark>paroneayea: awesome, I have to watch some of them later
<sirgazil>ACTION sits back and relax for FOSDEM video marathon :)
<paroneayea>hi sirgazil !
<sirgazil>paroneayea: Howdy!
<amz3>tx paroneayea for the link
<amz3>jmd: ftw!
<amz3>ACTION watching jmd presentation @
<jmd>I haven't seen it yet.
<amz3>jmd: it's not you?
<jmd>Unfortunately I ran out of time because of messing around with the projector.
<amz3>render texinfo into ncurses
<sirgazil>ACTION just finished watching User Interfaces with Guile
<sirgazil>jmd: is Gurses in a public repository?
<amz3>If I have time I'd like to write something like scheme forward using Guile only
<sirgazil>jmd: nevermind, it's in the installer brach in Guix :P
<amz3>that would be nice indeed to have a ncurse installer for guix
<amz3>jmd: the interface I'd like to have in guile using ncurse is like the feeding an app some sxml with callbacks bound to (@ (on-click callback)) attributes
<amz3>I read emacs does some kind of diffing between two states to render widgets like that
<jmd>sirgazil: Perhaps I'll contact the guile-ncurses maintainer to see if parts of it can be put there.
<sirgazil>jmd: Cool, yes, that would be nice.
<avoine>whoa I just learned that the scheme workgroup wants to give names to srfi:!topic/scheme-reports-wg2/NZA9CIMRl48
<ArneBab>amz3: ok
<amz3>the worst thing in guile is guix pull
<amz3>too bad the video was cut early
<amz3>ACTION watching network freedom now
<amz3>my attempt at async in guile looks more like fibers than 8sync
<spk121>jmd: reading back in today's logs, saw mention of guile-ncurses. I'm the maintainer, FWIW.
<avoine>hey spk121 o/
<jmd>spk121: Hi Mike
<janneke>hi spk121!
<spk121>hello, all
<jmd>The discussion was about the possibility of putting (parts of) into guile-ncurses .
<spk121>jmd: putting any pure scheme module into upstream should be no problem
<spk121>jmd: guile-ncurses uses "(ncurses" as its base module, though. I'd like to keep that.
<jmd>All those things rely (in some way) on ncurses.
<spk121>jmd: if I ever seem reluctant to absorb patches directly, it is usually because I haven't ever truly bothered to understand when I need to gather copyright information from committers. :-)
<jmd>spk121: The question to be decided I think is not is it possible, but rather does it belong? Currently, guile-ncurses is purely a wrapper around ncurses. Those modules would provide additional functionality.
<spk121>jmd: the binding itself has always been a very thin wrapper around the C primitives. As such, it really is quite low level. There is a lot of boilerplate involved in making something work.
<spk121>jmd: That's a barrier to adoption I think. I've wanted some closer to CDK (curses devel kit) which provides widgets and related callbacks.
<spk121>jmd: but the CDK library is nearly unbindable. haha
<jmd>Well anyway you might like to take a look at those four modules. Two of them rather closely mimic the purpose of existing parts of guile-ncurses, but provide an interface which is much more schemey IMO.
<paroneayea>I don't suppose there's an email library out there for guile I don't know about?
<paroneayea>well, aside from mu ;)
<jmd>Then there's the render-stexi procedure which takes a stexi and renders it in a ncurses window.
<paroneayea> looks like "shell out to another utility" is the current recommendation
<paroneayea>hoo, glad I wrote all these unit tests.
<paroneayea>or rather, glad I dumped code from my repl into a file and called it a unit test ;)
<catonano_>spk121: Hi ! It's a pleasure to read you again :-)
<spk121>catonano_: hello!
<catonano_>spk121: do you underrstand whho I am ?
<catonano_>spk121: We had a nice group chat at the restaurant ;-)
<spk121>catonano_: You are the head of our Italian Scheme team. :-)
<catonano_>ACTION blushes