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<ArneBab_>because no one posted the stream yet: Here’s the stream to the #Guile devroom at #FOSDEM:
<sneek>Welcome back ArneBab_, you have 1 message.
<sneek>ArneBab_, emyles says: looks like the location to look in for a CMakeLists.txt is hardcoded in guix/build/cmake-build-system.scm:39: (abs-srcdir (getcwd))
<ArneBab_>#Guile devroom Schedule:
<ArneBab_>watched Christopher hold my talk live, it was awesome!
<amz3`>thx ArneBab_
<amz3`>what's up #guile?
<amz3`>any good news from fosdem ?
<ArneBab_>amz3`: I just got the email with the video review link
<ArneBab_>and the FOSDEM video review system is great!
<ArneBab_> (licensed as AGPL!)
<ArneBab_>after the wonderful pass by chris in his presentation of my presentation, what would I have to do to get wisp included in Guile as supported language?