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<stis>hey guilers!
<stis>wasn't there a guile project that interacted with a git repository somewhere?
<stis>amz3: are you the author of guile-git?
<amz3`>stis: yes
<amz3`>stis: what do you want to do?
<stis>I want to churn as a backed for a prolog predicate have it managed in a git repository
<stis>I try to rephrase that ugh :-)
<stis>I want to take a prolog predicate. It's basically a list of code rows, each row serialized to a file in the git repository in a directory representing the predicate
<stis>then I want to maintain sane synchronization of the predicate
<stis>for example at a pull look at the diff and just update the rows that are differennt
<amz3`>pull is not implemented yet
<stis>also when the local application that use the predicate stops it saves it's state with a link to the current commit and at the start of the program it must check the git reporitory for variations
<stis>I don't want to open 1000 small files at startup
<stis>I looked at the code, I can help implementing push and pull if you like.
<stis>I wantto try this on e.g. an issue tracker and essentially keep a table of issues in the git repository
<stis>and associated predicates
<stis>is your repository up to date?
<stis>I think that I want to start playing with it.
<amz3`>i am looking at it
<amz3`>stis: can you provide me a liink?
<amz3`>stis: it should be up to date
<stis>I will try blog about it, the initial text can be published just now - hang on a minute
<stis>amz3`: I'm out for a hour cu
<stis>back ...
<stis>ahh, finally some cool additions to the sematics of guile-git (although I used plain C to interface)
<stis>first I made a function that gets the id of the current head
<stis>then I made a funciton that given two id's of a repository lists the files in the difference in a specific directory
<stis>well the code is there, just needd to compile and churn out the bugs. fun