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<paroneayea>cmhobbs: sure is
<paroneayea>type: < C-s rdelim C-s C-s
<paroneayea>ACTION lazy
<cmhobbs>awesome! thanks for all your help!
<cmhobbs>anyone hit this in emacs before?
<cmhobbs>Unable to start REPL:
<cmhobbs>Searching for program: no such file or directory, guile
<cmhobbs>iv'e got 2.0.11 installed
<cmhobbs>probably just an env var
<cmhobbs>oh, i bet this is because i have guile installed with guix
<cmhobbs>and emacs built from source
<cmhobbs>yep. installed with apt and i'm set
<cmhobbs>paroneayea: where did the function 'sixth' come from in your example?
<cmhobbs>oh, looks like selectors
<cmhobbs>man, i'm foggy today
<cmhobbs>brain is cotton balls
<catonano_>amz3`: ehy :-)
<amz3`>I stumbled upon an interesting problem
<amz3`>basically I want to convert my frontend mini micro framework to work with websockets
<amz3`>that is a nice problem, but I leave it for later
<jmd>paroneayea: boop
<cmhobbs> /win 11
<paroneayea>cmhobbs: congratulations! you win! :)
<amz3`>at least I have design now
<daviid>hello guilers
<daviid>here is a macro (m4 macro) using guile:
<daviid>calling it with some code to trigger the failure and I see the vlue autoconf receives is 255, not -1: is there a way to correct this?
<daviid>I mean a way to correct my autoconf code, not guile, which returns -1 of course :)
<amz3`>guile 2.2 is so fast :]