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<daviid>I forgot what I did so the repl uses truncated-print, anyone knows/remember? I did not keep my /opt/... mini patch and just installed a new version :)
<daviid>i just can not remember, is it in scm-style-repl.scm ?
<daviid>nope! can I search the log to find the date I was talking about this (I loked and can't find any log search while browsing )
<daviid>I've just tried to modify system/repl/common.scm so it import and uses truncated-print, that does not seem to be hit! damned any repl expert here? it is literallly impossible to work with images (guile-cv) without preconfiguring guile's repl so it only print a cuple of values ... which is what truncated-print does
<daviid>however I don't remember how to configure the repl anymore
<daviid>it is repl-print in (system repl common) indeed, that module must import (ice-9 pretty-print and repl-print must call (truncated-print val) instead of (write val)
<ManDay>Is there anywhere a bit more verbose help on the guile commands? I want to find out how to break on a procedure which is not defined at top-level
<ManDay>i think I don't quite get the hang of debugging... stepping with guile is nothing like gdb. I can't see which line number I at nor anything comparable
<ManDay>if anyone could tell me how to add trace- or breakpoints on named lets that would be really helpful
<amz3>ManDay: I use pk to debug it similar to print
<amz3>I never use guile debugger like gdb
<ManDay>google "scheme pk" - real helpful stuff
<ManDay>"scheme pk procedure"... not much better
<civodul>ManDay: (pk x y z) prints x y z and returns z
<civodul>it's a simple way to display a value
<ManDay>ah cool ty
<ManDay>easier than (display "x=") (display x) (newline) z
<TwoFinger>where should patches for Guile's texinfo docs be sent to - or
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<janneke>ACTION always wondered why pk goes to stdout, hardly ever usable as there goes my program output
<ManDay>Is there a way to quit guile in one step?
<ManDay>I frequently am stuck in breakpoints in an infinite recursion and ,q will just continue running
<davexunit>ManDay: exit
<ManDay>ah, heh thanks
<ManDay>hrm, i'm afraid it doesn't work right davexunit . When I issue (exit) in the recursive prompt it behaves just like ,q
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<paroneayea>I've gotten a good portion of the things I previously hated about my mudsync design cleaned up \\o/
<daviid>janneke: I wrote my own peek for the same reason, if it interests you, here, line 70 [dimfi is a very funny name, for me at least, which in 'Wallone', a dialect from the south of belgium, means sort of 'hey, you...'. for the story, a word of that dialect has been used in one of the episodes of star wars... really funny :)
<janneke>daviid: thanks
<janneke>daviid: what's the word they used?
<daviid>janneke: i don't remember, very very long time ... (neither which episode exactly...)
<daviid>janneke: sorry :), i can't remember