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<amz3`>I don't like short names i think websocket-solver looks better
<paroneayea>amz3`: I'm not sure what "solver" has to do with it
<paroneayea>but anyway, I'm having websocket-server just manage a table of id -> socket for now
<paroneayea>if it needs to get more complex and spawn actors later I suppose it can.
<amz3`>sorry for the noise
<dsmith-work>Obviously it solves the websocket problem...
<paroneayea> :D
<paroneayea>davexunit: ^^^^
<amz3`>catonano: hi!
<amz3`>héllo everyone else
<janneke>hi amz3`!
<amz3`>janneke: are you the maintainer of lylipond?
<janneke>amz3`: i created lilypond with han-wen, yes
<janneke>i'm not active in development anymore
<amz3`>I heard that lylipond will not be in the next debian
<janneke>when will the next debian be?
<amz3`>i was said because lylipond rely on guile 1.8 which is antic it won't be included in debian
<janneke>yes, moving to guile-2.x is an amazingly troublesome path
<amz3`>ah yes, that what I have been said
<catonano>amz3`: Hi !
<catonano>janneke: out of curiosity: why moving lilypond to guile 2.x would be a troublesome path ?
<catonano>amz3`: will you ever start the effort to port guile-wiredtiger to the new wiredtiger ?
<amz3`>catonano: yes
<amz3`>catonano: the new wiredtiger? which one?
<amz3`>catonano: right now I am working with the develop branch of wiredtiger and all tests pass
<catonano>amz3`: you wrote to me that a new version of wiredtiger hhad made guile-wiredtiger incompatible
<catonano>I don't know which version exactly
<catonano>do yo remember ? You suggested me to not update
<catonano>ah all tests pass
<catonano>good to know
<catonano>are you working woth the github repo ? Or the framasofft one ? I'd like to try to build your master branch. In te process I could learn some new Guile tricks
<amz3`>I did not test it using guix
<amz3`>I have issues with my guix install
<amz3`>Also IIRC it doesn't work with guile 2.0
<amz3`>you would just need to install guile-next
<amz3`>catonano: it's available at
<amz3`>I also pushed a small documentation
<catonano>amz3`: thanks
<janneke>catonano: because of non-backward compatible changes in 1.8->[1.9]->2.0?
<janneke>if you want details, just ask [google] lilypond guile-2
<amz3`>catonano: I would be very grateful if you could give me feedback about the documentation
<amz3`>catonano: what you would like to see written
<catonano>amz3`: ok, ok
<catonano>amz3`: I'll take a look at that
<janneke>catonano: executive summary: .scm does not compile, or if it does, lilypond segfaults
<janneke>much work has been done, but [we]'re still not quite there yet
<catonano>janneke: how many people are you ?
<catonano>if I'm allowed to ask
<janneke>i haven't really worked on it, so i don't really know
<janneke>my guess would be 2, or 3 if you count wingo's efforts on the guile side
<catonano>janneke: I see
<catonano>janneke: thans
<janneke>there have been a couple of streaks to push things forward, followed by a year of non-activity on that front, i think
<janneke>progress has been very slow, because of developers not being comfortable with compiling guile from source, and guile-2.0.x patches sitting over a year without release, etc, etc, etc
<amz3`>I need to port the inverted index stuff to wiredtiger project and then I will be ready for the talk
<catonano>amz3`: why isn't Guile 2.0 supported ? Which is the missing feature that guile-wiredtiger relies on ?
<catonano>Ok, I don't know what the "iirc" acronym means
<catonano>ah:If I Remember Correctly
<ft_>if I remember correctly
<catonano>ft_: thanks
***ft_ is now known as ft
<ng0>for a "Script" this is rather large in cloning
<ng0>ah, the name is misleading
<ng0>when I want to wrap some script into torsocks, which needs on, and later off passed to torsocks, am I correct to assume that this requires open-pipe with mode OPEN_BOTH ?
<stis>heya guilers!
<ng0>i just figured it out, i need an output pipe. makes sense :)