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<catonano_>I remember seeing a scheme library for processing graphs. But I can't recall its name
<catonano_>amz3`: hello !
<roelj>What's the difference between `(("test" ,some-record)) and `(("test" . ,some-record))?
<quigonjinn>using (compile ... #:to 'cps), one gets the cps of the program after the optimization pases?
<roelj>Nevermind, I found it. '(a . b) => (cons a b), '(a b) => (cons a (cons b nil)).
<rekado_>roelj: the latter is just a pair, the former is a list.
<rekado_>proper lists are chained cons cells that have the empty list at their core.
<davexunit>looks like the new guile-json release fixes the issue I had with it
<davexunit>making guile-sjson not so necessary anymore
<spk121>Cool. I'm going to make it to FOSDEM. Haven't done real Guile hacking in a while, but, should be fun.
<amz3`>cool =)
<amz3`>spk121: do you do a talk?
<spk121>Nah. I'm just there to observe.
<amz3`>spk121: I will do a talk about my work with wiredtiger
<amz3`>spk121: last talk is mine
<amz3`>do you need/want me to create a particular applicationn?
<amz3`>(outside guile-git stuff...)
<spk121>amz3`: haven't tried the wiredtiger/mongoDB stuff, but, looks good.
<amz3`>except I had troubles with the latest release :(
<amz3`>I am kind of demotivated because of it
<amz3`>I think mongodb is leaving behind the wiredtiger project and focus on their own high level database
<amz3`>that's why I need to create an application that can be interesting enough to keep them motivated to maintain wiredtiger
<amz3`>I already don't know what I want to build, so I'm not sure how I am supposed to know what they would want to see built
<amz3`>it's much easier to create libraries IMO
<amz3`>you already know what other developpers could put to good use
<spk121>amz3`: I'm not surprised that MongoDB would do that. They bought wiredtiger to absorb it.
<amz3`>so you agree.
<amz3`>that's bad news, anyway it will stay free software
<amz3`>maybe someone will maintain instead of mongodb
<spk121>not necessarily bad news. I predict that MongoDB will absorb wiredtiger, and then will create an SDK or API to help people move from one to the other. But that is just a guess.
<amz3`>this is not likely to happen. You can move from a library to a networked database.
<spk121>I'm exposing my ignorance. :-)
<amz3`>except if you had a good Data Access Layer...
<amz3`>actually it could be possible
<amz3`>but MongoDB doesn't expose a ACID transaction API yet
<paroneayea>oh yessssssssss
<paroneayea>I love Guile
<paroneayea>I'm writing a dsl through which I can munge data like there's no tomorrow and even export an html document explaining how the munging works
<paroneayea>and it's so easy
<paroneayea>because lisp
<paroneayea>and the client is so pleased
<paroneayea>I love sexps
<civodul>paroneayea: :-)
<janneke>a by mescc compiled `tiny-mes' now reads and displays a memory-dumped sexp: `(cons 0 1)'
<spk121>amz3`: Coming up with an app is difficult. To use big data solution, one needs a big data problem to solve.
<amz3`>no it's not big data, it's just data persistence to disk
<amz3`>I have an idea for something but I need a 2D library that is not the browser...
<amz3`>I am tired of doing broken browser stuff
<OrangeShark>amz3`: what do you use for 2d in the browser?
<amz3`>OrangeShark: svg?
<amz3`>but it's painful
<OrangeShark>amz3`: do you use a library to create the svg?
<OrangeShark>like d3.js or something similar?