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<fckfreenode>anyone here?
<vinipsmaker>paroneayea, thanks for the info
<vinipsmaker>bye guys
<amz3>héllo #guile! Happy new year!
<quigonjinn>amz3: Happy new year!
<amz3>I think i am done with my slides
<amz3>well, it's missing two example query that what I planned to do before I got distracted
<amz3>renaming this is pain
<amz3>so I renamed uav database, into tuplespace
<amz3>not sure if it's better.
<amz3>anyway, I had a look a minikanren bindings
<amz3>I know why the computation doesn't "explodes" during querying
<amz3>basically the query types that don't error, are bounded and doesn't require a full scan of the database
<amz3>querying is only exact match
<amz3>that said, you can build the database in a way where fullscan is possible
<amz3>if every assoc/documents have the same pair, this will trigger a full scan of the uids space
<amz3>also, you can't inspect the database without fetching every document
<amz3>well that seems strange
<amz3>tuplespace wiht its the minikanren integration is the most beautiful work but I mostly work with the graphdb grf3
<amz3>(which I won't rename)
<amz3>but which I still need to update since it relies on the tuplespace
<amz3>since grf3 is built on top of the tuplespace it would be logical to use minikanren to query
<amz3>the graph
<amz3>but it's not done like that, grf3 has it's own query API which doesn't rely on minikanren
<amz3>it might a #faiil
<amz3>it might a #fail
<davexunit>trying to level up my macro skills.
<davexunit>I have a situation where I want the syntax to use a keyword to identify something, but I want it to expand to a string via keyword->string
<davexunit>syntax-case ought to do the trick, somehow...
<davexunit>yup, syntax-case is what I needed
<random-nick>is there a way to implement the syntactic closure macro system on top of syntax-case?
<CharlieBrown>SCWM, Guile-WM or roll my own in Guile-XCB?
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: can't answer that for you, though it might be nice to build something on top of wayland
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: w no work w all da apps tho
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: I thought there was an x11 compatibility layer for wayland?
<rekado>many toolkits have built-in support for wayland
<paroneayea>right, xwayland
<CharlieBrown>sounds like complicated blech
<CharlieBrown>and no x forwarding ssh
<paroneayea>X forwarding in SSH has had quite a few security issues iirc
<paroneayea>but, do what you like!
<CharlieBrown>its not vnc
<CharlieBrown>why cant i have nice things
<CharlieBrown>because tor, you cant use the browser and irc client you like
<paroneayea>because the world is complicated and determining what is and isn't nice is usually done retrospectively
<CharlieBrown>you have to use generic everything and it sucks
<CharlieBrown>i cant use uzbl with tor i have to use firefox