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<djcb>i'd like to write some macro that transforms something like
<djcb>(defspecialfunc foo #:optional #:key (bar 123) (body))
<djcb> into (define* (special-foo #:optional #:key (bar 123) (body)))
<djcb>i went through the docs, but so far it's a bit unclear how to do this
<djcb>any tips / examples you can recommend?
<ft>djcb: So the structure is exactly the same, but for one set of parens and turning foo into special-foo? That would mean that the only problem is changing the name then?
<ft>djcb: That could be done with datum->syntax in a syntax-case macro.
<djcb>ft: oh, thanks. it's a bit unclear how to create a symbol special-<id> for (defspecialfunc id ...)
<djcb>struggling a little bit with the various magisteria of scheme and macros, and what is evaluated where/when
<djcb>my translator pattern starts with something like #'(define id
<ft>(define-syntax foo (lambda (x) (syntax-case x () ((kw id rest ...) #`(define* (#,(datum->syntax #'kw (symbol-append 'special (syntax->datum #'id))) rest ...)))))
<ft>[✗] untested, typed into an IRC buffer code. :)
<djcb>ft: thanks a lot! i'll play with that
<ft>djcb: Meh, you might need the splicing version of unsyntax. It's probably easier to use with-syntax.
<ft>(define-syntax foo (lambda (x) (syntax-case x () ((kw id rest ...) (with-syntax ((name (datum->syntax #'kw (symbol-append 'special (syntax->datum #'id))))) #`(define (name) rest ...))))))
<ft>djcb: (define-syntax foo (lambda (x) (syntax-case x () ((kw id rest ... body) (with-syntax ((name (datum->syntax #'kw (symbol-append 'special (syntax->datum #'id))))) #`(define* (name rest ...) body))))))
<ft>djcb: ,exp (foo id #:key (foo 123) (+ foo 1)) => (define* (specialid #:key (foo 123 #:foo)) (+ foo 1))
<ft>djcb: (specialid) => 124 and (specialid #:foo 2) => 3
<djcb>ft: brilliant! thanks again!
<paroneayea>is the trap infrastructure broken in Guile 2.2?
<paroneayea>,tracepoint and friends no longer work for me
<paroneayea>ACTION files bug
<daviid>in 2.1.5
<daviid>scheme@(guile-user)> void
<daviid>$11 = 0
<daviid>I wonder if this is intentional, it is undefined in 2.0.13
<holomorph>strange, i never encountered this (in a script that hasn't changed in a long time) until… today!
<davexunit>this article about ruby 2.4 explains how they were able to significantly improve the speed of hash tables
<davexunit>I wonder if we can implement the same thing for guile's hash tables
<amz3>is there dynamic context in guile fiber?
<amz3>my event loop was using write and read, if I implement it on top of fibers it won't work
<amz3>anyway, I don't need that code anymore
<amz3>anyway i am not sure how I could put to good use fibers right now