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<daviid>since this is not possible: (define* (im-=? . images #:key (prec 1.0E-4)) ...)
<daviid>I'm thinking to (define (im-=? . images) (match images ((image . rest) ...))) and either allow the 1st or the last arg to be a precision, and use it if it is ... like pk does it for its port, is this good design?
<daviid>or anyone has a better idea?
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<paroneayea>ACTION cuts down huge swaths of 8sync code
<paroneayea>refactoring is fun
<davexunit>ACTION successfully rebuilds basic OpenGL abstractions
<davexunit>things are quite a bit more pleasant to use now
<davexunit>much improved shader code.
<davexunit>now to mimic that pixi.js bunny demo...