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<paroneayea>daviid: so yeah, I think the video is pretty good! I think you'll like it.
<paroneayea>kind of a fun watch
<amz3`>héllo #guile :)
<void_pointer>Does anyone here remember where that webpage was that lists known packages, programs, and libraries that work with Guile? I'm hoping to see if I'm not duplicating things already there with the library I have written. And if not, I remember that the person who runs it had an email that one could contact them on to get things added to the list (will do that once I get a few more things polished up).
<amz3`>galex-713: what's up?
<amz3`>I want to go at fosdem
<amz3`>but the issue is that I have no accomodation yet
<amz3`>and the website is down so I can't have a look at what is recommended
<amz3`>any tips?
<void_pointer>amz3`: it is in Bruxelles, right. It is a capital city of a country, so there are undoubtedly many hotels one could stay at and even find on short notice. Might not be super close though. They do have a subway there. I do remember it not being a bit limited on where it goes. That, and my wife tells me that train systems are always on strike there (she is Belgian)
<void_pointer>I would really like to go myself, but thought for sure that I could not till just a bit earlier this week and it is probably too late to make the arrangements now (is registration even open?). Oh well. Maybe next year if I am still nearby.
<amz3`>it's open, you don't need any ticket
<void_pointer>Oh, then maybe I will look at going. I am not that far from Bruxelles (5.5 hours by train)
<void_pointer>Only thing to note is that finding a hotel on your own might be a bit trickier if you don't know French or Flemmish. Luckily, hotels staff are more likely to know English and most of the Flemmish population has good English (I don't know about the French speaking population but would imagine they know quite a bit too). Could probably get by with German there too since that is a common language that people learn in school there
<void_pointer>Hotel websites will probably be in Flemmish and French, though
<void_pointer>Getting from airport to hotel is another thing to consider if you are flying in. The train system does run out to the airport if I remember correctly
<void_pointer>Hope that helps you
<void_pointer>Oh, only other thing I remember. Driving in Bruxelles is a disaster - bad traffic
<void_pointer>So renting a car is something to only be done after careful consideration
<amz3`>I plan to go by train
<void_pointer>Oh, so you are in Europe as well?
<amz3`>and use public transportation
<amz3`>near Paris
<void_pointer>I'm in Germany
<amz3`>It would be sad not to go to fosdem again just for because I to lazy to rent something
<amz3`>I am* too lazy
<void_pointer>I know the feeling, though I did have a good excuse last year (medical)
<void_pointer>How was fosdem last year, if I may ask? I saw some videos of it after the fact and had looked at the program.
<amz3`>void_pointer: are you looking for ?
<void_pointer>Yes. Thank you
<void_pointer>Now that I have that in my history, I can find it again
<void_pointer>I checked. There is some overlap between my library and that of some others as far as goal and features, though quite different APIs
<amz3`>void_pointer: what is your library,
<void_pointer>I know I showed someone here over a month ago. Not sure if it was you or someone else
<void_pointer>Finally was able to get back to work on it. Did a lot of work on the documentation and the build system. Got some new ideas to go back to the main scheme code itself on.
<void_pointer>Caught a lot of errors and sloppy programming when trying to make it work with different scheme implementations.
<void_pointer>RIght now, starting from the Guile version, an R6RS and an R7RS-small version are both made
<void_pointer>Compiles and installs for Guile and Vicare. Can run unit tests on it in Guile, Vicare, and Chicken
<void_pointer>It is interesting finding out just what each implementation decides to be very pedantic about with regards to following the different standards, which then show up as errors that I have to read the fine print in the standard documents on to figure it out (in the end, this is a good thing because it results in more standard compliant code even if it is a pain).
<void_pointer>Still can't get it to work with Gauche and Kawa, so I got some work left to do
<void_pointer>It is an interesting exercise. I do wonder if I am putting too much time into what is not really that much of a library
<paroneayea>hey #guile
<paroneayea>so, there's a convention in guile land of ./pre-install-env, which is great
<paroneayea>but then in some packages, there's also ./env
<paroneayea>I'm not sure what ./env is used for that ./pre-install-env can't be used for
<paroneayea>and it feels like it would be nicer to make ./pre-install-env ./env, for typing shortness purposes
<paroneayea>is that reasonable, or not feasible for reasons I haven't recognized?
<civodul>the convention is actually "pre-inst-env", if i may :-)
<civodul>there's another convention that leads even less typing: instead of having an "env" script, substitute file names in the scripts upon installation
<civodul>e.g., in the Shepherd, one can do ./herd from within $builddir
<paroneayea>civodul: hm
<paroneayea>civodul: that's nice, though ./(pre-inst-)env is desirable for another reason
<paroneayea>./pre-inst-env guile --listen
<wingo>GC_ENABLE_INCREMENTAL=1 causes my guile to fail :P
<civodul>paroneayea: yes, right
<daviid>paroneayea: good to know, will try to assist the video
<daviid>paroneayea: wrt slot-fset, I was thinking that we should try to provide a way to have transaction-fset, commit (sort, you get the idea), to allow someone to make several changes on 1 instance copy ... food for thoughts
<daviid>wingo: I was thinking to add assert (to guile-lib), so we could check procedures and methods that returns nothing, wdyt?
<daviid>or assert-no-exception for symetry with assert-exception