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<nalaginrut>wingo: my bad! I realized that I don't have to throw EAGAIN, actually EAGAIN is meaningless for Guile! just handling the exception in reader waiter is enough, cool design
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<MrNerevar>is there any ETA for a guile package manager?
<random-nickname>most people here use guix
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<fredmanglis>random-nick, that's interesting... my foray into learning scheme has ended up with me working on packaging stuff for guix
<fredmanglis>and I don't even know scheme (< 3 months experience in LISP-esque languages in general)
<lloda>It seems is totally outdated, but it's the first page I get when I search for Guile bugs.
<lloda>working bug list is
<lloda>question is, which of these need to be fixed in 2.0, since 2.2 will be the new stable
<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<lluis>hi there! can I mix define-syntax and eval-when to expand a macro differently depending on an argument's type?
<sapientech>wingo: by someone running the fibers, does run-fibers do this?
<wingo>run-fibers does that yes
<sapientech>okay strange, did you happen to see the example code? it has run fibers but when i looked at my cores, only one was running
<sapientech>is this just because the kernel decided to put both schedulers on a single thread?