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<sirgazil>amz3: yes, I'm interested in scheme in the browser, so thanks for the link.
<amz32>héllo #guile !
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<civodul>ATG, dsmith-work!
<dsmith-work>wingo: Wow. That book is eye opening.
<wingo>it's not all perfect tho
<wingo>but it's a really good explanation of the state of the art
<wingo>still if guile had something like reagents and if fibers were mature, that would go a long way
<wingo>futures are pretty great for dataflow parallism like in the par-eval sense
<wingo>but i dunno if we need asyncs or something too; that would have to be based on fibers or something like that
<wingo>i don't know how much of a story guile can have without a native concept of lightweight threads
<wingo>i also don't know what the interaction is/should be between fibers, interrupts, and mutexes
<joolean>Hello, guilers!
<wingo>greets joolean :)
<joolean>Hey wingo!
<joolean>wingo: Did you happen to see my latest ECMAscript patch?
<paroneayea>joolean: ooh that sounds cool
<joolean>I hope so!
<paroneayea>oh, patch! also cool, though I thought you said branch :)
<paroneayea>joolean: ecmascript support can use more love though :)
<joolean>paroneayea: Well, my dream is to be able to start rolling portions of this: into Guile’s ECMAscript test suite. So I’ve got a series of patches to get Guile’s ECMAscript foundation to a point where it can bootstrap that test suite.
<paroneayea>joolean: wow that sounds great!
<wingo>joolean: i haven't seen it but tx for the reminder :)
<wingo>tfw you look at the docs and they are terrible
<joolean>surely you don’t mean the Guile docs
<paroneayea>guile docs are great outside of the tutorial section :)
<paroneayea>(in general)
<wingo>looking at the guile docs yeah
<wingo>the dynamic-wind docs fml
<wingo>also how character sets are somehow deemed a simple data type
<wingo>c hegemony everywhere, etc
<wingo>and of course the worst, "scheduling"
<wingo>where somehow parameters have to do with scheduling (???)
<OrangeShark>the docs could use a better structure
***karswell` is now known as karswell
<daviid>weird: M-x run-guile -> GNU Guile, (use-modules (cv)), all fine, then open a buffer with some test code, go to the end of a prodecudre def, C-x C-e -> (scm-error misc-error #f "~A ~S" ("no such language" objcode) #f)
<daviid>this works fine on my machine, and fails on another, I wonder why
<daviid>here is a trace I wonder what's going on
<daviid>have to go, bbl. if anyone has a clue, please ping me, I'm running the latest geiser and same guile version on both machine ...
<wingo>really wish we could junk dynamic states
<wingo>wtffffff is dynamic-root
<wingo>jesus guile
<wingo>not even documented!!
<janneke>wingo: there's something in the commit log
<dsmith-work>I bet that dynamic-root stuff has been in there since SCM.
<dsmith-work>s/since SCM/since before Guile was forked from SCM/
<wingo>janneke: it was more of an exclamation than a question
<wingo>omg you can pass a dynamic state as the second argument to eval
<wingo>i wonder how parameters should work with fibers...
<wingo>of course parameterizations local to a fiber work as you would expect
<wingo>but what should the initial parameterization of a fiber be?
<wingo>should it inherit from the fiber that made it or should all be the same? humm
<wingo>as usual racket has something to say
<paroneayea>hm right, there's no way to read from stderr in open-pipe*, right?
<paroneayea>I think I've asked this before and the answer is still "nope"
<paroneayea>oh wait
<paroneayea>current-error-port I guess?
<wingo>i think not
<paroneayea>so much for losing patience and writing this backup script in guile... not sure how I'd shunt rsync errors!
<paroneayea>I mean I could use librsync but I don't have a lot of time ;P
<wingo>simplest is to run bash in the (ice-9 popen) and pipe the stderr somewhere :/
<paroneayea>ACTION puts "add better popen to guile" on never-ending todo list...
<paroneayea>I'll probably never get to that one ;)
<wingo>paroneayea: did you see asyncs.test in guile? pretty neat
<wingo>you can preempt and resume now
<wingo>anyway, thought you would be interested
<paroneayea>wingo: ooh cool
<paroneayea>wingo: I am interested
<paroneayea>wingo: I'll be almost certainly writing stuff using these tools shortly
<paroneayea>wingo: I need to write a activitypub test suite that tests other peoples' implementations
<wingo>ACTION zzz :)
<paroneayea>and since I've already written pubstrate in guile...
<paroneayea>later wingo !