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<MoronicAcid>What am I doing wrong?:
<MoronicAcid>Feel free to leave your answer here:
<ansel2>hello, why doesn't guile repl use readline?? Is there a way to enable it?
<ansel2>ok it's in the manual
<ansel2>but how can you have that by default?
<ansel2>by putting it in .guile
<ansel2>sorry, I panicked when I realized there was no readline in the repl
<janneke>yay! garbage-collector (jam-scraper?) finally passes all tests in mes
<amz3>ACTION working on dot output for my graphdb
<amz3>what would be nice, is some kind of graph-fold procedure ^^
<amz3>catonano is working on analyzing npmjs package registry somehow
<amz3>I'm not sure where this going and that's another motivation, discovering something from the unknown ^^
<janneke>that's great
<amz3>the script that needs to fetch all dependencies is very long
<amz3>also it doesn't resolve version numbers, so it will add every version string found in the dependencies
<amz3>now let's have a look at the git bindings
<amz3>but first let's have an hair cut ^^
<janneke[cm]>amz3: i looked at git bindings but needed git-merge is-ancesctor
<janneke[cm]>so i reverted to system* for now
<janneke[cm]>it was not clear to me what needs to be done to wrap git-merge
<wingo>ACTION added support for preemption of guile cothreads, with resume :)
<janneke[cm]>wingo: \\o/
<amz3>well, you need to declare scheme bytestructure for git_merge_options and git_checkout_options the latter is the one I have been struggling with
<amz3>in theory scheme bystructure handles nested struct but I am not confortable
<janneke[cm]>amz3 hmm...
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<cbaines>I'm apparently hitting a problem with printing an exception from the web module: web/client.scm:334:0: Error while printing exception.
<cbaines>I'm assuming that I've done something wrong, probably for both exceptions, but I'm at a loss how to work it out, any tips?
<civodul>it's in 'http-post' apparently
<civodul>you could wrap your code in (catch #t (lambda () ...) (lambda (key . args) (pk 'exc key)))
<cbaines>Good advice, that gives keyword-argument-error
<cbaines>Ah, and I think I've worked out what I was doing wrong, I was using #:rest args, and passing args in to http-post, but just as the last argument, and neglecting to use apply :)
<cbaines>Thanks civodul :D
<civodul>cbaines: good you found it!
<civodul>yeah keyword argument errors are sometimes mishandled
<civodul>we should fix it
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