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<enderby>noob question: how do I display lines of text and pause 1 sec between each display command? Whenever I do a while loop 30x with like (sleep 1), I have to wait 30 seconds to see the whole output, instead of it updating every second
<ijp>writes are buffered, so you'll need to flush
<ijp>unless the port line buffered, in which case just writing a line should do it
<ijp>anyway look up force-output
<enderby>ijp: gotcha, thanks will do
<rlb`>wingo, mark_weaver: I was wrong about the placement of that "paper over" sleep hack. It was in call-with-repl-server, but just before (proc client-socket), not before run-server.
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<mark_weaver>rlb: fyi, civodul wrote the test, and I wrote almost everything else.
<mark_weaver>(I haven't even looked at the test, to be honest)
<amz3>guile-bytestructures is really awesome!
<amz3>for instance, you can declare a struct which contains another struct
<amz3>guess what, when you ref the struct inside the other struct it return a bytestructure instead of somekind of pointer
<amz3>bytestructure is basically the most relevant object in scheme-bytestructure
<amz3>so far so good :)
<amz3>the other interesting object, is bytestructure-descriptor which is constructed with e.g. (define position (bs:struct `((x ,int) (y ,int)))
<amz3>you feed that struct descriptor to `(bytestructure descriptor)` and you get a proper bs object which is supported by a bv
<amz3>then you can edit the struct instance (the bv) via (bytestructure-set! bs 'x 42) (there is also a macro API)
<amz3>when you are finished editing the bv, you can turn into a pointer
<amz3>and pass it to some ffi call
<amz3>the reverse operation is also possible, ie. you can turn a pointer into a bytevector then into a bytestructure (without any copy!)
<amz3>this really impressive
<amz3>Also on another topic, I have implemented side effects in my scheme mini framework for doing web frontend
<amz3>(sorry there are some cosmectic change in this commit but it should be readable)
<amz3>(the README is not updated, but the commit message should be enough)
<amz3>ACTION lost focus
<amz3>I can walk a git tree :')
<amz3>ping OrangeShark :)
<OrangeShark>hi amz3
<amz3>OrangeShark: how are you doing?
<OrangeShark>sick :(
<amz3>ôh bad
<amz3>ok ok
<amz3>I'm wondering how to advance the bindings
<amz3>OrangeShark: btw did you look into artanis vs guile web?
<amz3>or did anywork regarding gitweb replacement?
<amz3>or did you do anything regarding gitweb replacement?
<OrangeShark>well I was having issues with artanis so I decided to just use the built in guile web and just use match as a router
<davexunit>OrangeShark: +1 to that
<davexunit>that's what we do in 'guix publish'
<davexunit>nice and simple
<OrangeShark>ya, it is really simple haha
<amz3>OrangeShark: did you commit somewhere? I think it would be a nice addition to guile-git repo?
<OrangeShark>no I have not. It doesn't do much yet. I wanted to have some basic stuff, but haven't had a chance to implement them
<amz3>the issue I have is that with gitweb I would easily be able to know what to bind next... easy as looking up the interface what's missing. With only the code it's hard to see...
<janneke>amz3: cool
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
<amz3>OrangeShark: can I (re) start the gitweb replacement in guile-git repo?
<OrangeShark>amz3: do you want to do it in the guile-git repo or in its own repo?
<amz3>OrangeShark: I prefer to use guile-git repo*
<amz3>OrangeShark: are you ok?
<amz3>btw the repository is at if someone wants to contribute
<amz3>please add tests if you add something :)
<janneke>amz3 or write something in README or HACKING ;-)
<OrangeShark>amz3: sorry, was in a meeting. I will talk to you more after lunch :P
<amz3>Ark! gitlab is very slow at this very moment
<OrangeShark>amz3: sure, we can use the guile-git repo, it does make it easier to develop the gitweb replacement when you can directly go fix the git bindings and reload them.
<amz3>OrangeShark: what's up?
<OrangeShark>hi amz3
<OrangeShark>amz3: sure, we can use the guile-git repo, it does make it easier to develop the gitweb replacement when you can directly go fix the git bindings and reload them.
<OrangeShark>when I get home, I can move the stuff over to guile-git
<amz3>soon enough you will see a screenshot in this very place with a good looking gitweb from the dark side of the moon ;)
<amz3>ping me when it's done
<OrangeShark>should it be in an example directory or something else?
<amz3>I prefer ./git/web/
<OrangeShark>so we are making it part of the guile-git bindings?
<amz3>I think we have everything for making gitweb except diff/delta stuff
<amz3>also the API to browse the files (aka. the tree API) is painful
<OrangeShark>ya. I was looking into gitlab and they would actually use the git binary ontop of their libgit2 bindings...
<amz3>in tests/tree.scm there is a very simple example, but basically (tree-walk tree GIT-TREEWALK-PRE (lambda (root entry) (pk root entry)) will output ;;; ("" "")
<amz3>basically the entry parameter is *only* the filename
<amz3>and AFAIK you can't easily "open" a directory
<amz3>you have to tree-walk the thing and filter the sub components
<amz3>OrangeShark: really? what for?
<OrangeShark>amz3: to list files in a repo, sort of like what you are talking about
<amz3>ah really interesting
<OrangeShark>well the example I saw
<OrangeShark>they used git ls-tree
<paroneayea>hello friends
<amz3>o/ paroneayea
<amz3>I will create a git-ls-files replace something like (tree-list-files tree)
<OrangeShark>ya, we should definitely try to provide some higher level procedures. Some of these C functions are pretty low-level
<OrangeShark>a lot of the iteration functions could be improved
<amz3>exactly. That's why created a branch-list procedure to avoid the pain of going through the iterator
<amz3>not sure about the naming
<amz3>it's best to have something like (tree-fold (lambda (filepath prev) ...) init tree)
<OrangeShark>amz3: ya, we should try to keep it as closely named to familiar scheme procedures
<daviid>amz3: OrangeShark: you should look and snarf all these file system related procedures from guix, probably everything you need has been written already ( i even think we should ask guix guys to make a module with al these and add them to guile-lib ... not me though, I'm overloaded already :))
<amz3>daviid: we are talking about libgit2
<amz3>daviid: yes you are correct about moving some of the stuff to guile-lib
<amz3>daviid: what about filesystem procedure?
<daviid>amz3 tree-list-files, tree-fold ... all these are in guix already, I beleive
<amz3>daviid: basically the libgit2 API returns an iterator over (dirname, basename)
<daviid>amz3 you also refered to naming, guix will be a great source of inspiration aswell, they are cumulating a titanesque experience wrt that ...
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<daviid>amz3 I'm pretty sure applying an iterator over a dirname basename is part of guix
<daviid>amz3, but hey , my 2c ...
<amz3>I'm having a look at guix
<amz3>I think the relevant proc is
<amz3>I'm not good at tree traversing in scheme
<daviid>amz3 yes, I use nftw thoufh, mainly because '... nftw is safe against circular linked directory structures ...'
<OrangeShark>daviid: the trees amz3 are talking about are git trees
<MoronicAcid>Does anyone know why statprof-display procedure keeps printing "No samples recorded"?
<wingo>MoronicAcid: what guile are you on?
<wingo>the statprof procedure is generally the right interface, if you can use it. but maybe your program just didn't run long enough.
<wingo>or maybe you have signals disabled somehow
<paroneayea>rust can expose a C API/ABI and allows you to maintain C API/ABI compatibility?
<paroneayea>that's pretty interesting
<janneke>i just found that .go files are not reproducible...what's up with that?
<wingo>the syntax expander generates guid's in various circumstances
<wingo>see the docs for syntax-session-id
<wingo>we need to fix that
<wingo>at least to allow for some builds to be reproducible
<janneke>i was just thinking, with guix and all...
<OrangeShark>paroneayea: ya, that is one of the features they wanted if I recall
<MoronicAcid>wingo: The manual is not really descriptive, when calling statprof-reset are the seconds and microseconds added to get the polling interval?
<MoronicAcid>There we go, just had to decrease polling interval form 50ms to 1ms.
<wingo>fwiw current manual is here:
<wingo>it has been updated a bit
<wingo>but i guess it could describe things that are only in master
<wingo>like file/line stuff
<MoronicAcid>wingo: Is 2.1 a beta?
<janneke>wingo: i don't find any doc on syntax-session-id...but i do find a patch proposed by mark_weaver and apparently okay'd by you? --
<janneke>figure that there's more to it than the bug says?
<MoronicAcid>When computing (expt 10 (expt 10 8)) takes less time to compute than to print...
<janneke>for 2.0 even...i'd be quite happy with 2.1 :-)
<MoronicAcid>Dumb test for stat-prof, but I needed something that ran sufficiently long.
<wingo>janneke: i left it with mark i think, he proposed the patch but said he wasn't confident in it yet
<janneke>ok, thanks
<wingo>i have removed the need for thread cleanup handlers
<stis>thumbs up
<wingo>i think i am going to remove them without a deprecation period; civodul you have any thoughts there?
<wingo>they appeared in 2.0 for the first time
<wingo>but are a pretty weird interface; setting a cleanup handler effectively overrides the thread's return value
<wingo>and they are better handled with a dynamic wind on the scheme side by the thread creator
<wingo>or on the c side with a pthread key destructor
<wingo>they call back into guile mode after leaving guile when threads stop
<dsmith-work>ACTION misses google code search
<wingo>first appeared in a commit whose log is " Changes from arch/CVS synchronization" :P
<janneke>mes> (define-syntax m1 (lambda (x) x))
<janneke>error:#f:(~a ~s invalid syntax lambda)
<janneke>ACTION can write his own define-syntax macro and insert a primitive-eval...then it works for simple cases
<civodul>wingo: no idea, would need to think about it
<civodul>we were using 'ChangeLog' files at the time :-)
<wingo>civodul: in parallel i removed them. i can revert, v happy to do so if that is the right thing
<wingo>but maybe the patch is more concrete and reviewable that way too
<wingo>last patch on master