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<civodul>paroneayea: yeah sorry, i'm trying to focus on a tricky patch series
<civodul>and i thought i'd escape a hard problem...
<paroneayea>civodul: no worries... I'll ping you another time :)
<amz3>héllo :)
<artyom-poptsov1>amz3: Hi!
<janneke>ACTION got first syntax-case running in mes
<janneke>but hooking-up the transformer seems to be a major pain
<MoronicAcid>Anyone know why statprof is throwing the error: "statprof.scm:459:21: In procedure statprof-call-data->stats: statprof.scm:459:21: Throw to key `numerical-overflow' with args `("/" "Numerical overflow" #f #f)'."?
<MoronicAcid>I am calling it as prescribed by the manual: "(statprof-reset 0 50000 #t) (statprof-start) (do-something) (statprof-stop) (statprof-display)"
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<SHODAN>your arm fell off
<janneke> syntax-case based syntax-rules don't even run match yet :-(
<wingo>guile defines syntax-rules in terms of syntax-case
<wingo>fwiw janneke
<rlb>civodul, wingo: wondering about just disabling 00-repl-server.test's "simple expression" test in debian for 2.0.13 until we figure out what's wrong. As a hack, it also looked like adding a (sleep 2) before the run-server in call-with-repl-server might mask the issue. Any thoughts?
<wingo>ACTION looks
<janneke>wingo: ...yeah, i finally got round to doing it that way...
<rlb>that while loop eventually causes the failure here.
<rlb>(and also seen on the powerpc and i386 buildds as mentioned)
<wingo>rlb: sgtm, since it is a new test introduced in 2.0.13; but i defer to civodul and mark_weaver who were most involved in that patch
<janneke>it works for simple macros syntax-case and -rules, looking at guile's test suite :-)
<rlb>wingo: ok, thanks
<rlb>There's a stretch freeze deadline coming up, but I suspect it won't affect this "minor version" update either way. (Just happy we got emacs25 in - that likely *would* have been relevant.)
<civodul>rlb: i'll look into it
<civodul>"while ./check-guile 00-repl-server.test ; do : ; done" seems to work for me