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<amz3`>héllo :)
<lluis>anyone seen a SEGV during scm_init_guile()? (inside GC_init(), actually)
<paroneayea>lluis: hm, I haven't...
<paroneayea>lluis: when did it happen?
<lluis>when calling scm_init_guile() in a program I'm witing (extensible with guile)
<paroneayea>ACTION not the right one to help with that!
<lluis>one about multi-threading: I have a C program that calls scm_init_guile() and defines variable "var" (using scm_c_eval), it then creates a second thread that also calls scm_init_guile() and evals "(format #1 \\"var: ~s\\\\n\\" var)", which excepts with unbound-variable; isn't state of globals shared across threads?
<ijp>lluis: maybe you are getting the error from #1 instead of var?
<ijp>then again, I'd expect a different error there
<ijp>can you rule out a race?
<jmd>Is there a way I can call the posix ioctl function?
<paroneayea>working Alyssa P. Hacker into the ActivityPub standard, because why not.