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<shymega>Quick question: Does GNU Guile have support for (sprintf)? I've come across it in CHICKEN, but can't find it in Guile by default. Is it in an module, by any chance?
<davexunit>shymega: we have 'format', see (ice-9 format)
<shymega>davexunit, thanks. Works good for me :)
<paroneayea>in fact we need feedback, to reach Candidate Recommendation status!
<davexunit>paroneayea: if I get a chance I will take a look and let you know any thoughts I have.
<paroneayea>davexunit: thanks. Even if you just say "it looks good", that's feedback we can include
<paroneayea>though of course, other feedback is most welcome :)
<davexunit>I continue to be in a state of having next to no free time.
<paroneayea>ACTION knows how that is :)
<paroneayea>my entire life seems to be activitypub right now...
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<solrize>is there some reason the guile repl doesn't use readline?
<davexunit>solrize: licensing. you need to activate it manually. see the manual about it.
<davexunit>there's a code snippet you can add to ~/.guile so that the repl has readline by default
<solrize>oh nice. hmm readline is gpl and guile is lgpl, is that it?
<solrize>but that's for the library... the standalone interpreter that you run from the command line could be gpl easily enough i'd think
<solrize> heh, the guile homepage has a bsd demon picture
<solrize>well maybe it's a gnu but it looks like a bsd demon
<solrize>anyway the .guile snippet to turn on readline works nicely.... thanks!
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<zv>what snippet is that solrize?
<zv>i would like it :)