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<joolean>wingo: Hey! How's it going?
<joolean>Asked this earlier, but you're likely to know - I'm gently poking at the ECMAscript implementation, and it looks like "new Object();" doesn't quite work. It fails to compile to tree-il with "ERROR: unrecognized tree-il ((toplevel Object))"
<joolean>(or rather, I guess it fails to compile to bytecode)
<joolean>The thing is, that looks like a valid form
<paroneayea>aw yiss
<drichards>I get an assembler error on: CC libguile_2.0_la-vm.lo
***logicmoo is now known as dmiles
<Chaos`Eternal>helo guilers
<Chaos`Eternal>is there some library doing ip address calculation for guile?
<civodul>pretty neat "tiny lisp computer":
<nalaginrut>wingo: hi wingo, where's the current official guile-zeromq repo? I'm going to use it in Artanis, so I may help on it
<nalaginrut>it was on gitorious, obviously it's not usable now
<civodul>nalaginrut: the repo URLs remain valid, except that you need to prepend "www." in front of them, IIRC
<nalaginrut>civodul: I mean a maintainable one, gitorious is read only now, no?
<nalaginrut>civodul: I mean I could help to maintain guile-zeromq because I'm going to use in my work, so if wingo didn't create a new official repo, I would like to maintain it on github
<civodul>nalaginrut: i think you can start, and wingo and everyone will probably thank you for taking care of it :-)
<nalaginrut>civodul: ok, just mention wingo ;-)
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<paroneayea>hello, *
<amz3`>paroneayea: did you snarf guile https client?
<amz3`>I mean extract it from guix into a standalone library
<amz3`>I could use python for my current task, but... but...
<paroneayea>amz3`: I wrote a patch for that, but it was before the new custom i/o ports fixes
<paroneayea>not fix3es
<paroneayea>feature, which would have fixed the https stuff
<paroneayea>amz3`: I haven't had time to patch it to use the cusom binary i/o ports yet...
<paroneayea>amz3`: you could pick up where I left off! ;)
<amz3`>paroneayea: where is the patch?
<paroneayea>amz3`: let me know if you make progress!
<paroneayea>though I won't be able to help/advise much until next month.
<paroneayea>davexunit: I heard you say recently that godot was looking at adding C# support, which would be nice to bring developers toward using Godot over Unity
<paroneayea> it looks like they're open to more, other languages also
<paroneayea>so Guile could maybe be added, if someone cared to take the time
<paroneayea>someone not being me, and probably not you, but interesting to know they seem open to other languages now :)
<davexunit>paroneayea: oh that's nice to know
<davexunit>yeah before they were definitely not open to other languages
<davexunit>it was gdscript or get lost
<davexunit>they were well embedded (heh) in the DSL camp
<paroneayea>davexunit: yeah
<paroneayea>davexunit: I think realizing that they could capture a huge market via C# probably helped
<sapientech>we all talked a bit about website development with guile earlier, and haunt was concluded to be preferred. Just curious why no one mentioned tekuti
<sapientech>is it because tekuti is web-blog specific?
<paroneayea>sapientech: I've never looked at tekuti is the simple reason I haven't :)
<paroneayea>sapientech: I think you also said you wanted static export, and iirc tekuti runs as a process
<paroneayea>though I could be wrong.
<sapientech>paroneayea: static is not necessary, just noticed that is what haunt does :)
<sapientech>just to be clear: if i want to make a site that has any dynamic components, haunt cannot do this?
<paroneayea>sapientech: yeah that's not Haunt's domain
<paroneayea>sapientech: if you want dynamic components, Guile already ships with a lot of useful things in its web module
<paroneayea>sapientech: if you use (ice-9 match) and split the URI, you have a controller dispatcher; if you use sxml, you have templates
<paroneayea>sapientech: some things are not there, including cookies and sessions and a nice form building utility, though I have those in Pubstrate and will probably be releasing a separate library named something like guile-webutils shortly
<paroneayea>sapientech: feel free to snarf from Pubstrate, it's GPLv3+ :)
<paroneayea>sapientech: what are you building?
<sapientech>paroneayea: since your a web guy i can see youve checkout what guile has to offer :)
<sapientech>yeah ill check out pubstrate for sure
<sapientech>a few things if possible: a server backend for a few mobile apps, and a website that shows voting history of local officials
<paroneayea>sapientech: cool :)
<sapientech>tryna increase the voter turnout for non-pres races :)
<paroneayea>sapientech: cool :)
<sapientech>paroneayea: okay cool and looks like youve been doing some work on postgres integration. that is what you are using for your backends?
<paroneayea>sapientech: heh, I did do some work with guile-squee, and I will probably eventually use it for pubstrate
<paroneayea>in the meanwhile, I am doing the nearly-worst-thing-possible and just using gdbm :)
<paroneayea>sapientech: but that's a temporary thing
<paroneayea>because I didn't want to work on guile-squee and pubstrate at the same time I was running up to this deadline
<sapientech>forsure, well will look over pubstrate :)
<OrangeShark>sapientech: Did you manage to fix your makefile?
<paroneayea>sapientech: cool. There's a script you can run like:
<paroneayea>./pre-inst-env pubstrate-web
<paroneayea>you will want to run the "configure" subcommand first, then "run"
<sapientech>OrangeShark: fixed as in it runs successfully, but there are still warnings i have to figure out
<sapientech>i pushed the patchto guix-dev already
<OrangeShark>okay, I remember last time you posted, it looked like the problem was you listed a source file twice in
<sapientech>OrangeShark: yeah that would be related to why i was getting the "just saved this file" error
<sapientech>for now its just writing it twice, so im looking for a way to fix that :) not super high priority rn though
<OrangeShark>sapientech: you just listed it twice in SOURCES=
<paroneayea>sapientech: my main recommendation on how to get started with guile + web stuff:
<paroneayea>the web section itself contains a tutorial in the last section :)
<paroneayea>go through that tutorial, then work your way back.
<sapientech>paroneayea: thanks :)
<sapientech>OrangeShark: are you looking at develop?
<sapientech>OrangeShark: oh dude, totally!