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<davexunit>ijp: bit late to the party, but I can answer some questions
<davexunit>going afk soonish, though
<davexunit>ACTION is on vacation
<Amynka>is there special reason why guile-2.0.12 is not linking -> ?
<wingo>Amynka: yeah, let me find a link
<wingo> is one abi-compatible series
<wingo> will be another one
<Amynka>wingo: is it I find out that those abi are not compatible :D
<Amynka>wingo: so you are basically saying i have to remove it from gentoo and do it all over again :D
<wingo>Amynka: hmm i don't know what the implication is for you -- apologies if there was a misunderstanding :)
<wingo>the intention is that guile 1.8, 2.0, etc are parallel-installable
<wingo>because their library names are different, their headers go in different places, their pkg-config file names are different
<wingo>the only collisions between the packages are the "guile" binary itself and the manual
<wingo>both of which i think you can uniquify via --program-suffix i think
<wingo>also the m4 file, but guile 2.0's m4 file should also work for guile 1.8
<Amynka>yea we will not go for both installed anyway
<Amynka>guile 1.8 is super badly written
<wingo>it's, um, "venerable" ;)
<wingo>a polite word for really old ;)
<wingo>doing a flag day from 1.8 to 2.0 is kinda hard tho
<wingo>but, you know best :)
<Amynka>wingo: you mean like nothing is working with it :)) and about parallel abi i would say in theory yes :))
<Amynka>wingo: btw do you think it has something to do with guile? I would say his system is mess
<Amynka>wingo: but yea I think you did great job on guile-2.0.12 its big progress I like it
<Amynka>thanks :))
<wingo>it could be a parallel build failure -- the .i file is generated by the build, maybe we are missing a dep or so
<Amynka>wingo: it is totally parallel build
<wingo>but -j3, that's not very many, strange to see it
<Amynka>yes indeed I tested it on 4 machines including arm with parallel and it was working so.. I have no idea
<Amynka>cant reproduce it
<wingo>i can see how it can happen actually
<Amynka>wingo: would be grateful for tips :) need to go off i will read it after thanks :))
<wingo>i will patch upstream
<brendyn>I tried compiling guile emacs, and make seemed to spam all the source code out filling up 16GiB of ram
<brendyn>Can guile do this stuff ?
<wingo>guile doesn't have an SRE module bundled AFAIU, on the other hand there is one out there somewhere
<brendyn>Can we frankenstein scsh into guile :p?
<brendyn>become gush
<wingo>there are a few projects out there to try to do that; or so
<brendyn>it seems most scheme repos are "last edited 3 years ago"
<wingo>this one was last edited a couple weeks ago afaiu
<brendyn>btw I read your comments on delimited contintuations but I don't really understand them. When would I find myself using them?
<wingo>but yeah, given that scheme is old, the average project is not active, and that's very normal i think :)
<brendyn>Actually, scsh seems to have a secret repo on github with 0.7 and all. The websites have been neglected.
<wingo>this is trash:
<wingo>TIL debian compiles guile with -O0
<wingo>because gnutls has a bug.
<Amynka>wingo: yeey ! :) Thanks :) I will commit it to gentoo and ask him to test it
<wingo>probably we should make a new 2.0 release soonish because of some mingw fixes
<wingo>maybe it will be the last 2.0 release
<Amynka>wingo: lets wait for our users to find more bugs :))
<Amynka>few weeks should be enough apparently whole gentoo upgraded guile. plus I would wanna get rid of 1.8.8 :))
<ArneBab>brendyn: can you throw data recovery tools at it?
<brendyn>ArneBab: It does not even come up in fdisk -l. I had to edit it out of /etc/fstab to even boot. Fortunately, I found my imporant files in ~/.saves due to emacs :) and other files of importance were still sitting on my VPS in Japan
<ArneBab>brendyn: ouch…
<ArneBab>that reminds me again that I have to connect my new backup disks…
<brendyn>It's quite bothersome, my hard drives are always full since I can't really afford any more so I just have to decide what gets deleted
<ArneBab>brendyn: can’t you use a non-ssd disk as longterm storage
<brendyn>I do. I have a 1TiB drive and that's also full because I've downloaded so much language learning material I don't want to delete
<ArneBab>I recently bought three 3TiB disks (though only two of these are for home usage)
<brendyn>I have a 2 TiB which is corrupt, and another 2TiB drive containing the dd_rescue dump of the corrupt drive. It's been sitting there for 5 years with important data I can't figure out how to ever get back
<ArneBab>I guess you already tried the common recovery tools?
<brendyn>I have a "no-backup" directory containing all the things selected to be lost when this new drive fails, since my only remaining drive is 1TiB and so it can't back up an entire 2TiB
<ArneBab>can’t you just buy another drive? They are only about 130€ over here…
<brendyn>Not sure really, i didn't try too much. I mounted it as a loop device and then used fsck which told me the partition table was dead or non existant
<brendyn>I suppose I can, but I may end up broke soon so I'm being conservative.
<ArneBab>I used photorec
<brendyn>When I looked online, I think the best tool available was proprietary
<ArneBab>just photorec path/to/drive.img
<ArneBab>gets back most files
<brendyn>ok, I will try it
<ArneBab>I’m not sure how well it will work on a regular disk, but for SD cards it’s great. See
<ArneBab>(includes guides for several free tools)
<brendyn>Suppose I might not be able to recover the file system, just blocks of files
<ArneBab>or rather: just files
<brendyn>It's just going to take 2 days to download 20GiB from Japan :P
<paroneayea>wingo: just fyi, I have an urgent deadline of tuesday for my standards group. I'll try to work on the tests before then, but if not, I'll work on them right after.
<paroneayea>*hack hack hack*
<shymega>paroneayea, how's that tree cutting going? :)
<amz3>héllo #guile!
<paroneayea>shymega: pretty good, pruning branches ;)
<shymega>paroneayea: :)
<amz3>I see there is not .scm extensions on the web, most people seem to be using .com, .net, .xxx
<amz3>did anybody consider submiting .scm as an extensions for the web
<amz3>too bad nalaginrut is not here to explain how it works
<ijp>registering a tld is pretty expensive
<amz3>you have to pay?! it's not a vote or something
<amz3>crazy the web is
<amz3>OT: python has a very nice visual profile viewer
<ijp>"The evaluation fee is estimated at US$185,000. Applicants will be required to pay a US$5,000 deposit fee per requested application slot when registering."
<ijp>most of the new tlds are stupid too
<ijp>three different photography ones for a start
<random-nick>there's a .horse tld
<amz3>.scm make sens IMHO
<amz3>there is .xyz
<amz3>I wonder about .abc it was rumored that google wanted it
<amz3>there's .yeah! I just saw it in tv ad
<paroneayea>so I wonder what happens when a bunch of these TLDs realize they blew a ton of money they can't recoup
<paroneayea>and entire trees starting from GTLDs on down of domains disappear
<random-nick>paroneayea: actually you don't have to pay upkeep and can't refund
<random-nick>you pay per domain registered
<paroneayea>random-nick: really? I thought it was many many thousands to keep upkeep
<paroneayea>but I guess I'm wrong
<paroneayea>random-nick: nope
<paroneayea>5.7 Are there any ongoing fees once a gTLD is approved by ICANN?
<paroneayea>Yes. Once an application has successfully passed all the evaluation steps, the applicant is required to sign a New gTLD Agreement (also called Registry Agreement) with ICANN. Under the agreement, there are two fees: (a) a fixed fee of US$6,250 per calendar quarter; (b) and a transaction fee of US$0.25. The latter does not apply until and unless more than 50,000 transactions have occurred in the TLD during any calendar quarter or any
<paroneayea>four calendar quarter period. Please refer to section 6.1 of the New gTLD Agreement in the Applicant Guidebook.
<paroneayea>so yes, you have to pay $25k per year, minimum
<amz3>let's do it!
<paroneayea>all we need is about $200k to start with and $25k from there on out
<ijp>good luck with that
<amz3>i can find 25k guile user and ask them 1$ each
<ijp>good luck with that
<paroneayea>if we're going to raise that much money, maybe we could try to use it to improve guile in some other more direct way :)
<amz3>I know my idea is silly, it was funny thinking about it
<amz3>people seem to have fun with tlds, I don't understand yet what it means. Maybe it's just a ladder where people spend money to rate themself?
<amz3>it's trivial
<ijp>paroneayea: it's not even just if they gtld goes defunct, some of them have stupid renewal policies
<ijp>I think one of the wedding ones only lets you have it for at most two years
<ijp>so much for "Cool URIs don't change"
<random-nick>no we should make google use scheme
<random-nick>so they pay for .scm themselves
<ijp>if you were going to do that, you may as well register .scheme
<ijp>but why bother? no other language does
<random-nick>well rust has .rs
<random-nick>rs being the serbian domain
<ijp>I wouldn't count an accidental collsion wiht a ccTLD
<ijp>a better use of your money would be spending $18000 to be a full member of the unicode consortium
<amz3>ijp: why
<amz3>random-nick: :)
<random-nick>so you can have a man with neckbeard emoji
<ijp>you can finally get a vote on the elvish codepoints you've been dying for
<ijp>(actually tengwar does have some space allocated for it, it just hsan't been officialised)
<ijp>(no such luck for klingon though)
<amz3>is a monad a procedure applied to another procedure?
<random-nick>amz3: no, that's a high order procedure
<amz3>is a monad a type?
<ijp>it's an interface that some types implement
<amz3>it will remain, a theory for me :)
<amz3>I'll rename my search engine project to hyper instead
<amz3>I'll rename my search engine project to *culturia* instead
<paroneayea>ijp: yeah, DNS is a poor system
<paroneayea>with poor governance
<emyles>hi, how can I capture the output of (system "echo $PATH") in a variable?
<ijp>well, the better way is to use getenv
<ijp>(getenv "PATH")
<emyles>Thanks but I was trying to simplify and it backfired. What I really want to do is get the path to my python, like this: (system "python -c \\"import os,sys; print(os.path.realpath(sys.executable))\\""))
<ijp>emyles: I guess using open-output-pipe from (use-modules (ice-9 popen)) is simplest
<emyles>This is for a guix package btw, I think I'll have either to pass -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE= or patch the package's custom FindPython.cmake
<ijp>although ice-9 popen is kinda weird
<emyles>okay, thanks I'll find out about pipes
<ijp>open-input-pipe not open-output-pipe
<wingo>yeah we need some other kind of interface there, the whole "either input or output or input and output" thing is not good
<wingo>can be many pipes in play.
<ijp>it's nontrivial to get stderr too
<ijp>it's just hard to care when you use it once every other year
<wingo>just needs someone to fix it properly :)
<wingo>mark_weaver: you have time to review a 2-line fix for #22667?
<wingo>maybe i just commit and we revert if it's turrible
<wingo>iconv has the wonkiest interface of any standard library function, but i don't know of one better