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<galex-713>There are http clients and servers in guileā€¦ why not smtp/xmpp/nntp clients and servers also?
<amz3`>nalaginrut: o/
<wingo>whither mark_weaver these days
<amz3`>nalaginrut: works for me
<nalaginrut>amz3`: in principle, you could use Artanis from it
<nalaginrut>amz3`: yes, now I can open it
<amz3`>I'm not fan of static typing
<amz3`>I'm stuck on a project to create a static version of StackOverflow using... Python.
<amz3`>I started this project using Python then I'm stuck with it
<nalaginrut>well, your brain stack is overflow
<amz3`>I switch all the time between Python and Guile
<amz3`>I'm tired of this
<nalaginrut>it's very easy to solve your problem, once you have guile-python
<amz3`>yeah! I wish!
<amz3`>After that, I will invest some time to learn elisp and try to help with guile-emacs
<nalaginrut>how about guile-emacs now, I've left it for a while
<nalaginrut>two years I've tried it, it works fine
<amz3`>slow start up times...
<amz3`>IIRC emacs people have had this issue before, I don't think they will be happy with the same problem again
<nalaginrut>maybe it's compiling .go the first time, but it should be done in building
<amz3`>IIUC jeffers-media is looking for a way to dynamically compile files
<nalaginrut>sounds like translating
<nalaginrut>ACTION will add 'continue' to guile-lua since it's natural
<amz3`>janneke: I got a response from gnu epsilon maintainer, a mixed answer ;)
<janneke>hey amz3`!
<janneke>interesting perspectives, good questions, and apparently different goals
<janneke>indeed, what i'm doing may be ill-informed and is a very, very old id, and fun
<janneke>i have define-syntax and syntax-rules running now, gave up on syntax-case for a bit an am looking to get the lalr parser running
<paroneayea>shymega: thanks!
<shymega>np ^^
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