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<amz3`> a database similar to wiredtiger, checkout the images in the benchmark sessions
<ArneBab>amz3`: wow…
<amz3`>Probably in the future Sophia will learn how to store data depending on a data flow and time,
<amz3`>using machine learning.
<avalokite>/eval /channel add -auto $C $chatnet
<avalokite>eval echo $C $chatnet
<avalokite>eval }echo $C $chatnet
<avalokite>eval /echo $C $chatnet
<avalokite>eval channel add -auto $C $chatnet
<avalokite>err, sorry. I had no idea this was going to ALL channels. God. having to say this to everyone is driving me mad.
***tmy is now known as zmyrgel
<ksinkar>hello, do we have a user specific load directory for guile like we have ~/.emacs.d for emacs? I am reading the guile documentation, it specifies %site-dir and %library-dir, but not %home-dir or %user-dir. Any ideas?
<ArneBab_>ksinkar: theres the load path: export GUILE_LOAD_PATH="${GUILE_LOAD_PATH}:/usr/local/share/guile/site/2.0/:$HOME/.local/share/guile/site/2.0/"
<ArneBab_>ksinkar: and ~/.guile
<ArneBab_>ksinkar: for example my ~/.guile looks like this:
<ksinkar>ArneBab_: thanks
<ksinkar>ArneBab_: I think I was looking for ~/.guile where I can do add to loadpath from there
<galex-713>Is there a functional interface to gtk/gui in guile?
<galex-713>Because I’d like OOP not implying imperative paradigm
<galex-713>also: is there an official binding of guile with xcb?
<galex-713>Also where can I get guile-fiber?
<galex-713>Also, what is the difference between records and oop?
<amz3>héllo :)
<C-Keen>wingo: did you get my message?
<jeffers-media>wingo: my interests with hacking on guile have centered around guile/emacs. Since it's still quite slow, i will look into elisps optimizatios, which was referenced in your blog
<jeffers-media>one question i have, is whether or not guile/emacs having to recompile elisp files on startup is related to the optimization issues
<jeffers-media>or are the optimization issues related to dynamic scope implementation
<jeffers-media>*mostly related to