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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<wleslie>hi ludo!
<amz3>héllo guilers!
<amz3>there will be a guile 3... that's good news...
<amz3>otherwise I mostly skipped the video as it's an introduction to guile I don't need ;)
<zv>is there any compile-time information exposed that would let me determine if I'm running in a REPL environment?
<amz3>does some one knowledgeable with guix can test to download an url for me?
<amz3>I'd like to verify that my implementation of https-get is not buggy
<mejja>WTF? PHP????
<nalaginrut>mejja: strange, it used TCL regex for C benchmark
<ota>Wingo: +1 for talk at PolyConf 16:
<zv>yeah php
<amz3`>what's up?
<amz3`>nalaginrut: meh...
<amz3`>I can't make work https...
<amz3`>And I can't make work with guix, also I still can't type correctly on my laptop with guix the layout is uk and well that's painfuly small width
<amz3`>it's an X60
<amz3`>it's handy to goof around but not to type
<amz3`>even the screen is tiny, meh...
<amz3`>With my single thread machine, which runs 4 processors @ 1.86GHz I still don't have crawled all
<amz3`>it's awefully slow
<amz3`>I'm not sure what takes much time... heh. I should time my program to see how it behaves...
<amz3`>There is such a program in Python, that's called runSnakeRun which allows to easily visualize a the speed profile of python apps
<amz3`>It could be fun!
<amz3`>Also the X60 is 32bit... so... even xfce doesn't work well, too hungry ;)
<amz3`>that's what I liked about my gentoo, I could revive my olf laptop with it, it's so efficient
<mark_weaver>amz3`: I run GuixSD on a Libreboot X60 machine, and it works well by my expectations, running XFCE or GNOME 3
<mark_weaver>mine is also a UK keyboard layout, but I configure the software for US layout, since that's what I want, so the key labels aren't right, but it matches my muscle memory
<amz3`>I should try that
<amz3`>I did not update for some time, so I don't have GNOME 3
<mark_weaver>it's important to keep up-to-date, because security flaws are constantly being discovered
<mark_weaver>(and fixed)
<amz3`>which makes me think that maybe my https-get.scm is a rootkit and that I should maybe read the code ;)
<mark_weaver>also, there are some 64-bit motherboards for the X60, although maybe they are hard to find
<mark_weaver>strange, but some of the X60 models were 64-bit, although most are 32-bit.
<mark_weaver>amz3`: what's an example of an https URL that guix can't fetch?
<mark_weaver>I'd like to try it myself
<amz3`>mark_weaver: ^
<mark_weaver>ACTION tries
<mark_weaver>guix download '' works for me
<mark_weaver>what happens for you?
<mark_weaver>maybe you don't have CA certificates installed?
<amz3`>it's on the server that fails with the error that is attached to this mail
<amz3`>there si the stacktrace actually
<mark_weaver>amz3`: I don't want to debug 'https-get', but I'd like to see what error occurs when you run: guix download ''
<amz3`>it works :)
<amz3`>that's funnny
<mark_weaver>okay, so maybe it's a bug in https-get, which I guess is a different implementation than what we have in Guix
<amz3`>cool! I can have my https
<mark_weaver>guix also monkey patches some things in the guile http code, but those issues should be fixed in 2.0.12
<amz3`>I think I read that comments about incompatibility
<mark_weaver>guxi also has code to follow redirections automatically. we should probably incorporate that into guile core at some point
<amz3`>what I will need to add at some point for url-fetch is to first send a HEAD with a hash in the cache header which asks whether the page changed or not
<amz3`>it save a few Kb of network io
<amz3`>galex-713: If I could diff the guix store with what's in the database I would maybe do a time machine in a the search engine. Look up: "What would I have had as result two years ago if I looked Guile Scheme in DuckDuckGo"
<amz3`>But it requires two years of archives :P
<amz3`>which means... I need 200 CPUs...
<amz3`>What would be nice is to graph topic models over time over the mailling list
<amz3`>grafana is nodejs software that allows to visualize 'over the time database' aka. timeseries database
<amz3`>but seems it has little support for crossing informations between records in the database
<amz3`>there is only time as x axis of the graphs
<amz3`>well, I think they don't have heat maps either
<amz3`>but there is a world map plugin...
<amz3`>ideas are useful.