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<jeffers-media>paroneayea: hey was reading over some of your emails related to guile/emacs. I am starting to aquaint myself with the code, and was wondering if you/others are planning to work on it
<jeffers-media>this is sapientech btw
<amz3>héllo #guile :)
<amz3>does anyone has an idea about my https-get bug ?
<ksinkar>I have put in the proposal for to include GUILE documentation. Please vote here ( for increasing the visibility of the proposal.
<nalaginrut>ksinkar: are you serious? implement so many languages on Guile? #ButILikeIt
<wleslie>well, it's about generating documentation from each of those languages. but that would be fun too.
<amz3>ksinkar: thx for doing that!
<amz3>ksinkar: please send a mail on the mailing list too
<amz3>nalaginrut: did you see my message about the bug with https? did you experience similar behavior?
<janneke>"It's been nice interacting with you!"
<janneke>ACTION sigh
<paroneayea>heya jeffers-media !
<paroneayea>I don't have time to work on it, but I have rebased it up to a recent point
<paroneayea>it would be cool for you to give it a try :)
<amz3>paroneayea: hi, is guile-squee working?
<amz3>I mean is it usable
<nalaginrut>amz3: which ?
<webshinra>hello world
<mark_weaver>greetings, webshinra!
<paroneayea>amz3: probably not, I mean it can do the basics
<paroneayea>it doesn't have any major users :)
<amz3>héllo webshinra
<nalaginrut>amz3: well, it's not standard interface in guile, so it depends on how you implement https-get
<paroneayea>it looks like guile's http library doesn't accept bearer tokens
<paroneayea>for the authorize header
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<mark_weaver>davexunit: thanks for the link!
<davexunit>mark_weaver: np!
<DeeEff[m]>davexunit (IRC): but is guile WEB SCALE?
<DeeEff[m]>probably my favourite slide there :-)
<lloda``>Guile 3 hype
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<nalaginrut>davexunit: nice~
<jmd>janneke: Did you solve your problem about procedure-source ?
<janneke>jmd: thanks, not really i worked around it
<mario-goulart>wingo: very nice talk. davexunit: thanks for sharing it.
<nalaginrut>oh, guile3
<webshinra>hey, happy guile users, I'm working on a little weird project, and I would like you experience on guile to guide me a little on the first design decision (to avoid to many massive rewrite later)
<ijp>the recent degendering patch missed a fair few
<webshinra>i'm workign on a tabletop roleplaying hard-sfi game that'll use computers has a gamemaster assistant
<webshinra>and, as RPG have a (really) long life, I plan to include the source code inside the book, encoded in 2d bar-code
<ijp>in fairness pronouns aren't the easiest to grep for
<webshinra>to allow the code bounded to the book to be implementation-agnostic I'll respect the R6RS norm for it, especially for module
<webshinra>I'll like to provide a more confortable interface later, probably with ncurses, and using GNU/Guile
<webshinra>will the fact that I'll not use the guile facilities pose a threat to this integration ? and, if I'm not bothering you, do you think of any thing I should especialy take care of ?
<nalaginrut>webshinra: if you're targeting a 2D game, maybe Sly engine helps you
<webshinra>hum, I'm targetting a oral game, the idea is that the gamemaster handle the narrative part (human are good for it) and the computer handle formal and computational part
<nalaginrut>a textural game like Dunnet in Emacs?
<webshinra>sort of, but composed in half-realtime by a meat-composed gamemaster :)
<nalaginrut>a human gamemaster control the scene? maybe you need a game server framework, like gzochi
<ijp>webshinra: it's not even clear what you are asking
<DeeEff[m]>sounds like he wants a game like D&D where the GM controls the story, but he tracks the player's stats / levels / data via a program that can manipulate things
<nalaginrut>webshinra: are you making a D&D style MUD, which has a dungeon master
<ijp>integrating with ncurses is always going to be a pain, since ncurses is to begin witih
<nalaginrut>DeeEff[m]: I guess so ;-P
<ijp>there is no portable library, so you'd either need to write one, or use the guile version
<webshinra>hum, nalaginrut gzochi seems interesting for a multi-computer table, thank you
<ijp>I'm sceptical about how much computation you should be requiring in a tabletop game
<ijp>regardless of what is doing it
<DeeEff[m]>I suspect most of it will revolve around a smarter interface to a database
<DeeEff[m]>Mapping entities to/from SQL and / or committing long-term objects
<nalaginrut>webshinra: for the GUI, as a MUD game, I think ANSI escaping code for coloring is enough, user just telnet for it
<webshinra>as an exemple, I'll implement orbital calculation and lightspeed limited message propagation
<nalaginrut>webshinra: I've tried one, a MUD game on telnet, but I have no gzochi at that time
<webshinra>the combat system is interesting but hard to play only with mind and paper as it relay on a indexed time scale (where most game use a event-relative time scale)
<nalaginrut>I think efficient messages dispatching is include in gzochi, no?
<webshinra>the fact is the interacting with rule-part should not depend on external lib, but the user interface built on it can
<ijp>with careful writing you can probably mostly insulate the ui
<nalaginrut>of course you may write it from scratch, if you're willing to show complete bootstrap code for a book
<webshinra>the first part (maybe unclear, please forgot my messy english, as i'ts not my mothertongue) of my question was, «will guile bother me a lot if I use the R6RS librarie form instead of is own?»
<ijp>not really
<webshinra>cool, that's a good point
<nalaginrut>it's fine, don't worry about it
<nalaginrut>ACTION doesn't write r6rs code because he doesn't like r6rs, not the problem of guile at all
<nalaginrut>webshinra: at lease you need guile specific code for network, but you have Spell lib for r6rs
<mark_weaver>there's no problem with writing almost all the code in r6rs, and then selectively using some guile-specific interfaces where needed.
<nalaginrut>anyway, it's a heavyweight one IMO, so you may wrap your own network module for portability
<mark_weaver>ACTION mostly likes r6rs
<webshinra>nalaginrut, I'll have a look at gzochi, as it seem to be a good server middleware, It's not really a problem since the book will not include networked part
<nalaginrut>sounds good
<webshinra>even if it's not my priority target, will that kind of lib be able to be used on microsoft window?
<webshinra>(ncurse will be a problem, does it?)
<DeeEff[m]>Guile itself will probably be a problem on Windows, unless you plan on distributing pre-built binaries.
<DeeEff[m]>Then again, I guess Ubuntu on Win10 probably solves a lot of that
<webshinra>I gess Windows users can suffer to get pre-built binaries as they got a «black box» os already
<ijp>I find it curious that you plan to distribute it as a barcode
<davexunit>reminds me of the old ereader for the nintendo gameboy advance
<davexunit>I loaded donkey kong onto that thing by swiping cards with barcodes
<webshinra>to be precise, i'll use qr-code with the ISO/IEC 18004 :2006 norm
<webshinra>I'm member of the oldest french roleplaying club, and looking at our game collection, I can see that most game of the early internet period which use their website as a complement of the book lost that complement when it dies years ago
<ijp>true, but there is
<webshinra>As I see 80's/90's game played on a regular basis, I really wish to make the book a self-contained object
<webshinra>ijp, that's true, and as the book source code will be released, that should assure it to be keep secured on things like INRIA's Software Heritage
<webshinra>but even knowing that, the concept of having it as a whole is artisticaly important to me
<webshinra>(well, thank you for your advices)
<jeffers-media>hi all, is it possible to use guix to install a git repository? Instead of installing it to a directory, and then changing global variables to use it, it would be great to use -ad-hoc to create new environments for hacking
<amz3`>webshinra: your project sound fun
<amz3`>thx for the polyconf video
<lfam>jeffers-media: Wrong channel?
<Akko_Teru>ACTION tries to write mmorpg game using guile but needs more practice still.
<webshinra>amz3, thank you. I think I'll keep the chan informed of my progress :)
<amz3`>webshinra: they guilers that work extensivly with compatibility in mind, so you will find help
<amz3`>otherwise, there is a #scheme channal
<amz3`>s/they/they are/
<webshinra>yep, I'm already on it :p
<webshinra>( amz3, if you'r curious of how it look like, here is a screenshot : )
<amz3`>ahah fun!! super fun!!
<jeffers-media>lfam: ya my b :(
<amz3`>is it possible to parse bigger than xmls using guile?
<amz3`>is it possible to parse bigger than RAM xmls using guile?
<webshinra>amz3, I supose that SAX method can
<ijp>yes, probably, but it won't be as straightforward, and you'll need to do some codereading
<amz3`>it's not a sax event-based API, it returns the full tree
<amz3`>ah ok, I forgot about diving into the source code
<zv>moin guile
<Akko_Teru>Guile it is my favorite