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<wingo>linas: you mention that memory usage bloats for you and you have to call (gc). is that still the case?
<wingo>if so would using scm_gc_register_allocation help?
<lloda>wingo: I have sent the squashed patchset to the list
<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<wingo>whither janneke
<lloda>that whitespace should never have been committed :-(
<lloda>will fix /sigh
<xd1le>golang sucks
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<wingo>yeah sorry lloda
<wingo>a bit of a PITA
<random-nick>what was that "golang sucks" guy?
<dsmith-work>random-nick: Wrong channel perhaps?
<random-nick>dsmith-work: yeah I guess he wanted to troll #golang or something
<random-nick>actually #go-nuts
<lloda>last summer I saw a shop in Athens called Go nuts. It was actually a nut shop.
<dsmith-work>wingo prompted me to look at go the other day (a comment about channels). Interesting. Different.
<dsmith-work>I think I'd like it better than c++
<dsmith-work>I don't remember. Is it possible to install only .go files without the .scm files? Like for a space constrained embedded system?
<amz3`>ArneBab: what the thing you posted on ML it looks awesome
<amz3`>a blog in 5 minutes?
<amz3`>The Internet in 30!
<ijp>can we do anything about (cond ((and (foo? x) (bar? y)) ...) ((and (foo? x) (baz? y)) ...) ...) => (cond ((foo? x)) (cond ((bar? y) ...) ((baz? y) ...) ....
<ijp>hmm, looks like we already do
<ijp>,optimize (cond ((and (jelly? x) (red? x)) (wibble x)) ((and (jelly? x) (green? x)) (wobble x)))
<ijp>$19 = (if (jelly? x) (cond ((red? x) (wibble x)) ((green? x) (wobble x))))