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<wleslie>just read the email `[PATCH] gnu: add erlang` on guile-devel and did a double take
<wleslie>wrong mailing list, phew
<mejja>Predicate singly-valued-expression? in module/language/tree-il/peval.scm contains a duplicated entry for <lexical-ref>, why?
<wingo>mejja: a copy-and-pasteo, will fix
<wingo>is anyone here a time nerd?
<wingo>like, someone who is very interested in the specifics of what a julian day is, etc
<wingo>i need a volunteer to review some patches by a contributor (zefram). he sounds like he knows what he's doing and he seems to have pointed out some bugs in our srfi-19 implementation
<wingo>but i would like for someone to check what he's saying against the relevant specifications
<wingo>ACTION friendly ping to ecraven re: configuration of guile in benchmarks
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<GreySunshine>why does GUILE_LOAD_PATH not point to current working directory too? I saw in the guile repository's changelog-2008 line:1419 if I understand it right that this feature was removed, is there any specific reason? When I used python this was not the case, is there any specific reason?
<zaquest>also about load path, why does add-to-load-path add path twice to %load-path? it's probably not very important, just weird :D
<wingo>GreySunshine: see NEWS
<wingo>in general for user-visible changes, see NEWS :)
<wingo>ah, but it doesn't say why, hum
<GreySunshine>makes sense
<GreySunshine>but can we not assign priorities like "." having the least priority of the module being searched?
<wingo>simply having it in the path by default is insecure
<wingo>search for it more on the internet, you'll find many things
<wingo>"dot in path security'
<fantazo>hi, what is the guile utility for expanding a macro? the info pages aren't helpful at all.
<galex|713>fantazo: try to write “macro” and then tab while using geiser
<ijp>fantazo: ,expand blah