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<cojy>is guile bytecode suitable for a typed language that can erase checks?
<ijp>cojy: you're not liable to get an answer to that for about 8h unless mark_weaver chips in
<ijp>I don't really remember how rtl changes things, but I think so
<ijp>well, 'bytecode' wasn't really usable, IIRC it was more or less a translation of the assembly language
<ijp>you also won't be able to avoid tagging
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<ozzloy>wingo, i searched for "guile exit"
<ozzloy>that brought me to that page as the top hit
<wleslie>'those in the know use Control-D to close REPLs' ?
<wleslie>sneek: later tell stis
<sneek>Will do.
<ozzloy>what does (emit port "string") do exactly? i can't find documentation for it
<ozzloy>is there some list of all procedures somewhere?
<ecraven>wingo: you do know geiser internals, right?
<wingo>i don't, actually!
<ecraven>I'm playing around with writing a backend for a new scheme implementation, but see strange behaviour :-/
<wingo>my guile is usually broken so i rarely have the pleasure of using guile
<wingo>er, geiser
<ecraven>hehe, my condolences!
<stis>heu guilers!
<sneek>stis, you have 1 message.
<sneek>stis, wleslie says:
<wleslie>ACTION snickers
<stis>not sure what that means. I'm not in us, kind of strange because how easy it is to get e.g. SWI prolog
<wleslie>aww. well, it's a pun on 'unification' - not only unification of prolog terms, but also unification of countries
<wleslie>(eq |unification on their terms| |north korea running the show|)
<stis>ahh, lol now I get it (I'm too serious I need to go out and ghave a beer)
<wleslie>good idea
<cojy>is there a guile library out there for rope data structure or similar ones like rrb-tree?
<zzh>hello. if i eval (parse-header 'content-length "text/plain;charset=utf-8") from the guile manual. i get the following error : "Bad non-negative-integer header component: text/plain;charset=utf-8" . is this a bug?
<holomorph>well, isn't http content-length supposed to be a non-negative integer?
<cojy>zzh: looks to me like a typo in the documentation; copy/paste that never got finished
<cojy>the section is "HTTP Header: List content-type" so you want 'content-type not content-length
<zzh>yes, (parse-header 'content-type "text/plain;charset=utf-8") works
<zzh>i'll report the bug