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<daviid>calher: the guile-gtk-demo.scm is a script, the modules of each individual demo are scheme modules, no shebang of course ...
<daviid>have to leave again, good luck, be back later
<xieyuheng>how @ is used in guile ?
<ijp>In what context?
<ijp>The main use is probably ",@" used for unsplicing lists in quasiquotes
<ijp>You can also use it for referring to identifiers in other modules
<ijp>one for public, two for "private"
<xieyuheng>I am trying to name my macro, I'd better not use @ then
<xieyuheng>(ice-9 match) is not up to date
<ijp>how so?
<xieyuheng>new version is :: 2016/03/06 :: ::
<xieyuheng>our version is of 2012
<ijp>ACTION shrug
<ijp>it something gets updated once every four years, you tend to miss it
<xieyuheng>haha never mind
<calher>Are there any IRC clients written in Guile?
<calher>davexunit_: OMG, I don't have to use a password manager written in Python anymore!
<calher>(Re: Shroud)
<calher>Aw, there's no Guile 2.0.11 for Trisquel.
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<kristofer>hello #guile!
<kristofer>can anyone point me to some code using (ice-9 futures)?
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<paroneayea>reading up on why why poll / epoll only support milliseconds
<paroneayea>as opposed to select's microseconds
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