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<rain1>oh heck look at that awesome logo
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<mthl>rain1: indeed
<rain1>I've made a procedure to do unix pipes
<rain1>but I don't know how to get the final output as a string
<rain1>I tried wrapping lines 22,23 in output to string-port but then it hangs
<ijp>it's not lovely, but there was already pipe procedures in (ice-9 popen)
<rain1>how would you do ps aux | grep | grep with that?
<ijp>as to your issue, I don't think system\\* outputs to guile's current-output-port, so that is why with-output-to-string would fail
<rain1>ah I can make the last one popen! maybe.. ill try it out
<rain1>I got an IO error with that
<ijp>the IO error is probably just a side effect of your other error
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<wingo>maybe ports should be structs
<jmarciano>is there any guile based converter from html to text?
<davexunit>html is text. could you explain more?
<jmarciano>yes, inside it is text. like this:
<jmarciano>actually something like (html2txt html-string) to give the ascii representation of HTML
<davexunit>jmarciano: so you want extract all text nodes?
<davexunit>you can convert to sxml and then select all strings from within
<davexunit>I think the sxml modules have such a thing built-in
<jmarciano>but then I get all strings, not only that what is visible to people
<wingo>htmlprag i guess
<davexunit>jmarciano: there's your homework, then.
<jmarciano>I am not that far. I have to convert all from Perl to Guile...
<davexunit>htmlprag may be a better fit if your source html is not proper sxml.
<davexunit>er, xml.
<jmarciano>the source is simple HTML from markdown output
<davexunit>web browsers render web pages that have invalid html, so htmlprag tries to make sense of those invalid documents.
<jmarciano>how to load sxml module to try it? I don't find in Guile documentation
<davexunit>there are several modules, but one is (sxml simple)
<davexunit>jmarciano: there are many procedures in the guile manual that begin with "sxml"
<davexunit>check those out
<jmarciano>I cannot find htmlprag in "info guile"
<jmarciano>I don't find it in sxml directory too
<davexunit>htmlprag is not part of guile
<davexunit>but the sxml modules are
<jmarciano>I was thinking htmlprag is part of sxml but ok
<davexunit>sorry, it's not. it's a separate thing.
<davexunit>wingo mentioned it because it is worth looking into, but if you want to make do with what guile offers out-of-the-box, then see how far you get with sxml
<jmarciano>I have to, yes.
<jmarciano>I also see that elinks browser has some guile bindings, trying to compile it now. Elinks is often used in mutt to convert frml HTML to text
<wingo>htmlprag produces sxml but the htmlprag module is not included in guile
<jmarciano>I get it now, yes. I assumed it was part of it
<jmarciano>elinks does it nice and fast, I guess I will include that one
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<jmarciano>schon Friday...
<jmarciano>is there any instruction, how to make Guile binding or libray for those cxx files, like fltk kit.
<jmarciano>fltk is smaller widget kit, than zenity requires. It would be very nice for GUI
<jmarciano>as I have problem with guile-gtk to compile it
<jmarciano>as I get: gtkgl-2.0 not found, but I cannot find that package on Internet
<jmarciano>is it this one? GtkGlExt ?
<jmarciano>will try to compile that one, to see
<jmarciano>pangox compiled, it was also requirement
<jmarciano>no, it was not that gtkgl-2.0 package, still looking for it, to install guile-gtl
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<jmarciano>I am aware there are other schemes. But programming in Guile, has long term impact on other people. That is the reason I wish to implement it in my software.
<paroneayea>morning, *
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<paroneayea>time to make a release of 8sync...
<paroneayea>where does INSTALL usually come from? I guess I can just copy it from guile or guix
<paroneayea>ACTION does so
<davexunit_>autotools will add that
<paroneayea>davexunit_: oh really?
<davexunit_>it can be told not to with a particular flag
<davexunit_>'foreign', I think
<paroneayea>davexunit_: why didn't it add it for me...
<paroneayea>davexunit_: or do you mean using autotools' default scaffolding?
<paroneayea>I guess I copied in files and modified them rather than using the whole "start a project" thingy
<paroneayea>whatever that's called
<davexunit_>I forgot exactly, but it will add missing files
<davexunit_>but often people specify that they have a "foreign" project
<davexunit_>which doesn't add them
<paroneayea>huh, ok
<paroneayea>I'm still uncertain if 8sync should require copyright assignment or not.
<paroneayea>if we do, it may make merging into guile proper easier
<paroneayea>not to mention it is nice to have those legal safeguards
<paroneayea>but not doing so does sem to make development faster, as Guix is good evidence of
<paroneayea>or feels like
<paroneayea>I guess orgmode moves fast and requires copyright assignment as well.
<civodul>paroneayea: it's a tough question
<civodul>i think for Guix it's critical to not have it, because a whole distro should move fast
<civodul>for 8sync it may be a bit different
<civodul>but i'm not sure you need to worry about merging actually
<civodul>lack of CA wouldn't be a reason not to merge it
<paroneayea>civodul: thanks for the feedback
<paroneayea>it's a tough decision!
<bavier>I was reading the lisp500 code over lunch:
<bavier>tough to read, lots of short variable names, gotos, etc
<bavier>not sure what I expected
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