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<cojy>does anyone know how to properly reconnect to a unix domain socket that has sent eof?
<cojy>i just get "ERROR: In procedure connect: Connection refused"
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<nalaginrut>ACTION bought a brand new laptop with 6700hq CPU, but compiling master still slower than linux kernel ;-O How a killer for CPU ;-P
<nalaginrut>anyway, the next version of Artanis will be based on 2.1+
<janneke>ccache would be nice
<nalaginrut>good idea
<nalaginrut>but does *.go files could be benefit from ccache?
<nalaginrut>maybe a ccache in guile
<jmd>This channel is destroying the forests!
<jmarcian`>nalaginrut: did you get my email? On string replacements in Artanis?
<jmarcian`>on this: (define st (make-string-template "hello ${name}" #:name))
<jmarcian`>Templates like "hello ${name}" may be large text, and inside could be unknown number of variables.
<jmarcian`>it would be good, that in such function one could add a list of variables, something like (make-string-template "hello ${name}" '(name title description))
<jmarcian`>and in addition, if there is no ${name} defined in some list, it should not give error, rather extrapolate to nothing.
<jmd>Has anyone ever done library providing guile bindings for Gtk+ ?
<fhmgufs>jmd: guile-gnome
<fhmgufs>Although it's just GNOME 2
<jmd>fhmgufs: That's unfortunate.
<fhmgufs>jmd: But as I've understood it, there's work in progress for gir bindings.
<jmd>I'm not sure what gir is.
<fhmgufs>jmd: GObjcet-Introspection
<fhmgufs>* Object
<fhmgufs>The (relatively) new interface for introspection of GObject based libraries.
<jmd>fhmgufs: I suppose I'll have to wait until that is ready then.
<fhmgufs>jmd: But the GNOME 2 interface is working really well!
<jmd>But rapidly becoming obsolete.
<janneke>jmd: no need to wait, you are free to help ;-)
<jmd>I'm not sure that I have enough experience to be of much help.
<jmd>Who is working on it?
<janneke>google suggests that no one has seen a need to work on it since 2011
<fhmgufs>daviid said to me that he's working on it.
<fhmgufs>But it would take a really long time to finish it alone.
<janneke>fhmgufs: it would be nice to get daviid's git more prominently mentioned by google then!
<fhmgufs>Actually I don't know how active he's working on it ...
<fhmgufs>But GObjectIntrospection would be really great, because then you could use nearly every GObject based library from Guile.
<jmarcian`>is there common way to use program-arguments while editing in Geiser?
<alezost>jmarciano: what do you mean? you can call program-arguments in the same way as other procedures
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<Jookia>is there a good guile repl for vim?
<janneke>ACTION used vim for 15years and took 3 summers to finally switch to emacs
<janneke>i'm a slow learner...don't wait that long
<Jookia>heh, im not switching to emacs
<Jookia>i might end up just having to use the repl from the command line
<janneke>that's what I said for 12 years
<Jookia>well once emacs fixes its weird documentation licensing i might consider it
<Jookia>but until then, its not ofr me
<janneke>it's yours to decide what thoughts to believe to hold you back
<Jookia>this is true, im just saying i dont think we're on the same path with that
<janneke>you are free to believe that too ;-)
<Jookia>but yeah, any guile repls for vim?
<janneke>doesn't vim have deep python integration?
<janneke>anything should be possible, no?
<Jookia>im not asking if its possible to write one
<janneke>well, i assume that google says no-one tried...
<Jookia>yeah, i couldnt find anything
<Jookia>no vim integration for me then :P
<janneke>what would a repl in vim look like?
<Jookia>geiser maybe?
<janneke>have you seen
<Jookia>i havent
<Jookia>i guess ill use python instead :P
<janneke>pdb should be somewhat like guile repl?
<jmarciano>This could be it for Guile:
<random-nick>weird documentation licensing? I thought emacs just uses GFDL like most GNU projects
<Jookia>random-nick: yeah, weird
<Jookia>to me at least
<Jookia>and debian
<random-nick>debian doesn't package GFDL manuals?
<Jookia>not ones with invariant sections
<janneke>Jookia: what does Emacs write in the invariant sections that people must be allowed to remove?
<Jookia>all of it
<janneke>would you like to give me one specific statement that would make this world better if it was removed?
<Jookia>i dont want to get in to a licensing argument
<Jookia>im just saying im not using emacs
<janneke>i'm not referring to this pissing contest
<janneke>i'm asking how you would like to make this world a better place
<Jookia>not sure
<Jookia>thats a very abstract question
<jmarciano>things like opinions or stories of other people, such as "GNU Manifesto" are in invariant section
<janneke>there must be a specific statement that you want to remove when you distribute emacs?
<jmarciano>Somebody could say "My name is Roger, I am born 1948" --- if I cannot change your birth year, then it is not free.
<Jookia>janneke: nope, im fine with it atm
<Jookia>i know there are some SLIME clones but im not sure if thats useful
<fhmgufs>How can I reload a module in Guile?
<fhmgufs>I mean if I made code changes which I am testing in the REPL and don't want to restart it again and again.
<janneke>(reload-module (current-module))
<fhmgufs>janneke: Ok
<paroneayea>ACTION contemplates writing 8sync's documentation in skribe instead of texinfo proper...
<paroneayea>er, skribilo
<paroneayea>I guess I'll stick to texinfo for now, but I do lurve skribilo