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<davexunit>ACTION reads
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<nalaginrut>so many dished this year
<amz`>I think the potluck is a great success :)
<csed>Yeah. Seems to be going great.
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<Jookia>Are there plans for HTTPS proxy support in Guile?
<nalaginrut>Jookia: Artanis will consider to support HTTPS with NSS, so does proxy, but it's not soon
<Jookia>How hard is it to implement?
<nalaginrut>Jookia: for this specific part, I don't think it's too hard. The hard part is that I have to design a brand new server core for Artanis, which takes much of my hack power
<Jookia>Ah. Is there some hack that could be done in the mean while?
<nalaginrut>Jookia: you may try guile-gnutls for https
<Jookia>nalaginrut: Could this be used to implement (somewhat ok) proxy support?
<nalaginrut>it's unrelated to proxy, you asked https proxy, right?
<Jookia>Yeah- I have a HTTPS proxy that I need to go through to make a connection to a HTTPS site
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<pkjcnf>in guile, (write ''a) writes "(quote a)"
<pkjcnf>is there a way to make it write "'a" instead?
<davexunit>pkjcnf: no, I don't think so.
<davexunit>'a is just sugar for (quote a)
<davexunit>the writer doesn't use that sugar.
<pkjcnf>thanks. i digged through the docs, but could not find an options for that
<pkjcnf>scheme systems differ in if they write such lexical sugar
<pkjcnf>some have options to control this behaivor
<mark_weaver>pkjcnf: 'pretty-print' from (ice-9 pretty-print) prints 'a instead of (quote a)
<davexunit>ACTION wishes for real foreign struct helpers
<davexunit>the vulkan.h header file is half struct definitions
<davexunit>soooo many structs
<amz`>what is vulkan exactly the successor or opengl?
<davexunit>amz`: more or less
<dsmith-work>Wednesday Greetings, Guilers
<stis>tja dsmith-work!
<dsmith-work>stis: Hej!
<daviid>davexunit: what is their license really, I don't get it from the header
<davexunit>daviid: looks like Expat license to me
<Jookia>Fedora classifies it as the "Modern MIT" license
<daviid>it looks GPL compatible
<davexunit>daviid: yes it's an extremely common license
<davexunit>some call it the MIT license, incorrectly.
<davexunit>there are many MIT software licenses. this one is the Expat license.
<jmd>MIT has a whole department dedicated to producing licenses.
<Korhonen>Isn't the noun "licence" with a c and the verb "license" with an s?
<Korhonen>As it so often is
<jmd>Korhonen: In British English, yes.
<davexunit>well, yeah, it's a British English thing.
<davexunit>it's not an American English thing.
<Jookia>We speak American here on the English Internet
<Korhonen>Appaently it's a "Britain, Australia, Canada" thing.
<jmd>Same as advice/advise
<Korhonen>Which leads me to assume it's an "everywhere but the US" thing more or less.
<jmd>Korhonen: Commonwealth English.
<Korhonen>"In British English, Canadian English, Irish English, Australian English, and New Zealand English the noun is spelt licence and the verb is license." hmm
<jmd>Well the yanks always like to be different :)
<Korhonen>capital punishment does put you on the map.
<jmd>You're talking about punishing people who use upper case?
<stis>oh sorry :-(
<davexunit>ACTION reads
<davexunit>interested in something built with guile that can target this
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