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<vanila>if a have a grammar for my macro is there a nice way to recognize it and provide error messagse?
<vanila>like say i wanted add a form (LET ((<VAR> <EXP>) ...) <BODY> ...) as a macro
<vanila>it could give syntax errors if someone did, asy (let #t 3)
<jcowan>Typically, the syntax-rules system generates error messages if no template pattern is matched
<jcowan>In R6RS or R7RS systems, you can also provoke your own errors by making the macro expand to a call on syntax-error.
<vanila>i was hoping for a thing that lets you describe a grammar but maybe i need to invent that myself
<vanila>because i feel like syntax-rules doesn't give enough good/clear error messages but maybe guiles does
<paroneayea>oh hey
<paroneayea>8sync is now a gnu project
<paroneayea>dubbed canonically by ye olde rms
<paroneayea>get ye flask, and etc
<calher>OK, I'm angry.
<calher>Since wak was hosted on Gitorious, I can't download it.
<calher>And the only Guile-powered IRC bot I know of, cunning-bot, relies on wak.
<vanila> no use?
<calher>How am I supposed to get this running if I can't get wak because the project is on a defunct host?
<calher>vanila: I was trying to get <git://$system.git>.
<calher>vanila: I mean <git://>.
<calher>But regular <> returns a 404 error, vanila.
<vanila>curl | grep 'wak/'
<vanila>this lists the repos there and sadly guile isn't in it
<calher>Well cunning-bot has it as a dep!
<calher>cunning-bot is for Guile!
<vanila>maybe you could ask the author of cunning-bot
<calher>No updates since 2014.
<vanila>they must have the code saved
<calher>And I wanted to get it running today, because I'm on a live system and I can't just save stuff.
<calher>I hate GitLab.
<vanila>maybe you could PM ijp
<vanila>he's also contributed to the bot so might have the wak code
<calher>God, I'm banned from #fsf. I hate myself.
<calher>OK, PM'd aidalgol. ijp not present.
<wleslie>there's also sarah, which sneek is based on?
<wleslie>sneek: sarah
<wleslie>sneek: what is sarah?
<paroneayea>calher: 8sync includes some irc bot code
<paroneayea>it's early stuff though
<paroneayea>anyway bbiab
<calher_>Hi. I discovered a great project. It's called guile-wm, and it's a WM/WM framework for Guile. So now the window manager can be edited in Guile along with the rest of the system! (GuixSD.)
<alezost>I guess everyone knows about this project
<calher_>alezost: Ah, I guess it's in the Guix package listings. Nevermind.
<alezost>calher_: unfortunately guile-wm hasn't been actively developed since it's first release (for about 2 years now)
<calher_>alezost: Does it work?
<calher_>I seem to like WMs that are not maintained.
<calher_>One of my pet WMs is MCWM, which is abandoned because the dev uses a Mac now.
<calher_>What do I do if a string exceeds 79 characters?
<alezost>make 2 lines?
<calher_>But how? I don't want the line break in the string.
<calher_>(description "MCWM is a minimalist window manager for the X Window System written from scratch in C directly on top of @url{ XCB}. It is a traditional floating window manager with @url{a lot of features} but without the bloat.")
<alezost>I think it's for #guix: in emacs you press M-q
<nalaginrut>oh, there're only 6 days
<nalaginrut>(but sounds enough for something)
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***civodul changes topic to 'Welcome to #guile. See for more information. This channel is logged, see <>. Potluck time!'
<nalaginrut>ACTION has decided his dish
<amz32>haha wiredtiger was first released release around the same time of a potluck :p
<amz32>I should probably try to do something useful with wiredtiger and guile for the potluck
<vanila>what is potluck?
<amz32>vanila: ^
<nalaginrut>ACTION just watched wingo's latest video about 2.2, really cool progress
<davexunit>hmmm, I might be fresh out of hacks for the pot luck this time around.
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<daviid>hello guilers!
<daviid>I'm very pleased to pre-announce here, in our friendly, nice and best hackers in the world :) channel that KisĂȘ, which has been under GNU evaluation for quite a long time, not because of its quality or what so ever, but because of the name, is/will now become a GNU package, but with a different name: Foliot, GNU Foliot.
<xyh>what is it ?
<daviid>xyh: a small guile-gnome timekeeping app
<daviid>xyh, here:
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<calher>Trying Guile WM.
<sneek>calher, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>calher, civodul says: the 'tor' user is automatically created when using 'tor-service'
<sneek>calher, civodul says: the 'tor' user is automatically created when using 'tor-service'
<calher>ok civodul
<calher>Anyone here use Guile WM?
<civodul>i tried it but there were a few glitches that i never took the time to fix
<davexunit>same boat
<davexunit>I actually fixed a couple issues, though.
<davexunit>but couldn't track down one particular showstopper
<davexunit>so I went back to comfort
<calher>If you can't firgure it out, I can't figure it out. It's doomed.
<davexunit>doomed is too grim. it just needs some love, like Charlie Brown's christmas tree.
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