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<janneke>heading over to #fosdem
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<McDecaf>Are parameters like current-output-port contained to only the current thread or do they leak outside of it when using parameterize?
<paroneayea>woooo guile/guix room!
<paroneayea>whew! talks over :)
<jmd>How did it go?
<mark_weaver>McDecaf: parameters and fluids are thread-local variables.
<mark_weaver>when creating a new thread from guile, the spawned thread inherits the values of those variables from the parent thread, though.
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<dakotafisher>I'm doing some research into logic programming and was wondering if anybody had the code for guile-log
<dakotafisher>I can find the manual, but am having trouble finding the actual source code
<OrangeShark>dakotafisher: this?
<dakotafisher>that seems to be it, thanks
<OrangeShark>here is a good list someone made of a bunch of guile projects
<dakotafisher>thanks, that list is actually really helpful
<McDecaf>mark_weaver, yeah, I figured as much from the SRFI thread specification. So it is completely safe to work around the fact that open-pipe* just takes the current-output-port param by simply using paramaterize to change itand implement a vesion of open-pipe* which consumes both an input and output port as variable?