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<lokli>hello guilers, newbie question about syntax-rules here (4 lines of code with error):
<lokli>question is, why does it not work? are ellipsis not supposed to be used that way?
<amz3>lokli: you have to wrap (args ...) between parens
<lokli>amz3: i understand, that i can do that, but the question is, whether it is possible without brackets
<amz3>maybe using another kind of macro, sorry I can't help
<taylan>lokli: (_ args ... => . rest) should work
<taylan>lokli: the problem is that only one '...' is allowed in each list
<lokli>taylan, trying to make it work, getting 'source expression failed to match any pattern' so far
<taylan>lokli: works for me:
<lokli>taylan, indeed this does work, thanks a lot!
<taylan>lokli: do you not get the "misplaced ellipsis in form (dummy args ... => body ...)" error when you use "(_ args ... => body ...)"?
<taylan>it should error when using ellipsis twice like that
<taylan>could be that the error checking was added in a recent version of Guile. I kind of seem to remember such a thing.
<lokli>taylan, no, no error reported, that was my concern. I use stable version for now, so cant say about recent additions
<taylan>lokli: I used 2.0.11, the latest release, which is also in Debian stable
<lokli>taylan, i am using guile 2.0.9 on linux mint lts, which uses ubuntu lts repos. Seems i need to update guile