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<civodul>wingo: what's your take on ?
<wingo>civodul: the relevant rfc is
<wingo>but yes, it does seem that read-line is the right thing.
<civodul>wingo: ok, thanks
<civodul>we should probably audit the other uses of 'read-line*' in there
<civodul>oh we were also accepting LF instead of CRLF in responses
<wingo>that's a common thing yeah
<civodul>wingo: do you think there are servers out there than send LF instead of CRLF?
<wingo>civodul: yes
<wingo>i think so but i don't have data atm
<wingo>but i have a vague recollection that they exist
<mark_weaver>civodul: fwiw, my opinion: I wouldn't spend time trying to make LF-only an error in that case.
<civodul>it's just that i was spending time on fixing the other issue ;-)