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<davexunit>evening, guilers
<davexunit>does anyone have a recentish version of guile master and want to try something for me?
<davexunit>good morning guilers
<rjmacready>davexunit: morning!
<davexunit>figure I'll ask again: does anyone have a recent version of guile master hanging around? I'm looking to see if a problem I am having can be reproduced by others.
<rjmacready>not me, sorry
<civodul>FOSDEM schedule!
<wingo>davexunit: i have an idea as to what that could be... dunno tho
<wingo>will poke
<davexunit>wingo: oh cool :)
<davexunit>rekado kindly reproduced the issue over on #guix as well, so now I'm convinced it's not just me. :)
<davexunit>when this issue is resolved, I should hopefully be in a good place to start working more with the flonum improvements
<davexunit>once I verify that Sly still works ;)
<wingo>davexunit: fixed
<davexunit>wingo: wow! :)
<davexunit>ACTION cheers on his bootstrap guile compilation process
<davexunit>wingo: I'm not sure why, but I am experiencing roughly the same problem in my program, even after a 'make clean' and destroying ~/.cache/guile/ccache
<davexunit>I can open the REPL and use u32vector-set!
<davexunit>but in a module of mine, it still fails...
<wingo>davexunit: did you import srfi-4 in that module?
<davexunit>trying to come up with a more minimal test case or prove that PEBKAC
<wingo>is your compiled module picking up a stale .go?
<davexunit>I was worried about that, so I deleted every .go I could think of.
<davexunit>I did a 'make clean' to delete my project's go files
<davexunit>something must be stale, because I can open a REPL, open that module with ,m and eval u32vector-set! without issues
<davexunit>hmm, there's definitely something weird going on
<amz3>héllo guilers :)
<amz3>did anybody made plans for accomodations for fosdem?
<amz3>I'm wondering if there is a recommended hotel or something like that
<berndj>i'm just catching up with the gEDA mailing list and seeing mentions of guile not cross-compiling to windows; is this a current thing or is this informational inertia (where it may have once been true, but is no longer)?
<civodul>berndj: i think it does cross-compile to MinGW, but maybe some of the patches are not in 2.0.11
<berndj>civodul, thanks. i'm just wondering here if "geda can't run on windows because guile" has become folklore and nobody's actually tried to do it recently. i'm not set up to try it myself, i'm just curious
<madsy>berndj: I successfully built 2.0.11 last year at least
<madsy>Using MinGW and MSYS
<berndj>madsy, is there any reason to believe then that *cross*-compiling shouldn't also work?
<davexunit>madsy: ooh that's cool.
<davexunit>so there's hope that the games I build with Guile can run on Windows
<paroneayea>holy shit
<paroneayea>ACTION reads the nyacc thread on guile-user
<madsy>Whoops, I missed both the year and guile version (I think?). I built guile- 2 years ago.
<madsy>I think it was the release which became 2.0.11
<madsy>Then a couple of weeks went by and I forgot the exact build setup I used. I probably made poor mark_weaver very frustrated with my questions while troubleshooting it ;)
<madsy>It turned out that building libgc/bdwgc was very confusing
<madsy>And I got it right the first time probably by blind luck
<madsy>berndj: Here's my ramblings from 2013 when I compiled 2.0.9 from git (which became 2.0.11)
<madsy>And yeah, I did cross-compile
<civodul>cross-compilation in general does work
<civodul>there used to be issues with MinGW, but i think those were fixed
<madsy>Yeah, just remember to use the Makefile when cross-compiling libgc. Don't use the ./configure script
<madsy>libgc have some Windows-specific code, but those paths should not be invoked. Because guile does some kind of POSIX emulation by itself.
<paroneayea>davexunit: yo
<paroneayea>did you look at the nyacc thread?
<paroneayea>I wonder if it's interesting to you given your work on the syntax highlighter thing
<davexunit>paroneayea: I saw it but don't really grok the thread
<paroneayea>davexunit: pure scheme replacement for (ice-9 lalr)
<sprang>is there some guile sample code that throws up a window and draws some 2d graphics? I want to so some visualizations
<sprang>do some
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<madsy>berndj: I'm bored anyway this evening, so I decided to see if I can cross-compile the git HEAD for Windows now
<madsy>Uh.. I remember that compiling some guile modules took a long time, but should the compiling of psyntax-pp.go take over 15 minutes?
<madsy>Building got stuck on "BOOTSTRAP GUILEC ice-9/psyntax-pp.go" for a really long time
<davexunit>it will do that for a long time
<davexunit>madsy: are you aware of how different master is?
<davexunit>there's a new VM and compiler
<madsy>No, I have no idea. I just decided to give it a go :)
<davexunit>the compiler is written in Scheme and bootstraps itself from a simpler interpreter
<madsy>As I said, the last time I built guile was 2.0.9 from master, just days before the 2.0.11 release