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<daviid>select is a guile procedure, I wanted to use this name for a generic function and methods, I wonder what I could pick-up for a substitute?
<madsy>daviid: If it's a guile procedure, can't you just undefine the symbol in your module? :)
<madsy>Or import it under a redefined name
<daviid>madsy: maybe, undefining it, never done this before
<madsy>If you don't need the "real" select function in your module, you can just steal the symbol directly
<madsy>And let the users of your module deal with the name collision
<madsy>"use-modules" lets you add a suffix to all exported symbols, or redefine them
<madsy>Err.. I meant prefix
<daviid>madsy: i will use sel unsel for now, thanks
<madsy>How about choose and unchoose? ;)
<daviid>cool, tx
<daviid>better then sel actually, great
<daviid>I new someone would find a good name!
<paroneayea>hey davexunit
<amz3>the creator of MK retweeted my project MK project <3
<amz3>the creator of MK retweeted my MK project <3
<paroneayea>amz3: \\o/
<paroneayea>amz3: william byrd?
<amz3>yes :)
<paroneayea>cool :)
<amz3>I like the construct in
<amz3>where given a (proc a b) make it work with variable length arguments (proc a b ...)
<amz3>there is another way of doing that using a macro, but sometimes, the procedure is required
<amz3>the procedure is required because you want (for instance) to use `apply`
<amz3>here is an example of that using macro, disj+ is defined in terms of disj
<amz3>the Zzz macro is some kind of delay
<paroneayea>guile and guix generate their ChangeLog files off of git commits, right?
<paroneayea>any info on how to do that?
<davexunit>contains the scripts for these things
<davexunit>and more!
<amz3>I rewrote little markdown using guile-parser-combinators, sadly... I found no bug ;)
<amz3>I wrote some parser combinator in Python and instead of using two return types, i use exceptions.
<amz3>At least in that implementation, to make it work I use a ruse, like EndOfStreamException inherit ParserErrorException...
<amz3>where EndOfStream is not an error in principle
<paroneayea>davexunit: aha, thanks!
<amz3>I think the thing that is missing is error handling during the parse
<amz3>to make it a solid parser library
<davexunit>paroneayea: I need to learn how to use them myself
<paroneayea>bitdiddle: ha, great name :)
<bitdiddle>got it out of a great book
<paroneayea>davexunit: I've found a merge driver for changelog from gnulib, but not a populate-changelog thing
<paroneayea>civodul: do you know?
<paroneayea><paroneayea> guile and guix generate their ChangeLog files off of git commits, right?
<paroneayea><paroneayea> any info on how to do that?
<paroneayea>as context
<paroneayea>oh I see
<paroneayea>make dist
<mthl>paroneayea: the script is gitlog-to-changelog
<paroneayea>mthl: thanks!
<paroneayea>mthl: where is it found?
<paroneayea>in the program itself, I see
<mthl>to use it, it is pretty straigth forward you copy the gnulib gitlog-to-changelog in your build-aux directory then you copy the make-dist hook from guix/ in
<paroneayea>mthl: so I actually copy and commit gitlog-to-changelog to my program?
<mthl>an other solution (to not add in your repo) is to use gnulib bootstrap + bootstrap.conf
<paroneayea>aw man
<paroneayea>a bunch of my old commits don't follow the changelog style
<paroneayea>oh nice
<paroneayea>there's a --since+
<mthl>The "problem" is that gnulib 'bootstrap' script involves a huge machinery which is a bit over engineering when using Guile
<mthl>for a good example of use of --since you can check Coreutils
<paroneayea>mthl: thank you for all your help!
<mthl>you are welcome :)
<civodul>paroneayea: look for "ChangeLog" in Guix's top-level
<civodul>or Guile's
<civodul>there's a snippet waiting to be copy/pasted :-)
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<paroneayea>civodul: thank you! :)