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<davexunit>just needs someone to do it
<ane>so if 2.1 is a pre-release, when is 2.2 supposed to occur?
<davexunit>when it's ready
<ArneBab_>ane: 2.1 first needs lots of testing. It was years in the making, so give 2.2 some time
<ArneBab_>ane: most work on the changes in 2.1 is done by w ingo
<paroneayea>hey davexunit :D
<paroneayea>davexunit: :D :D :D 8sync is going AWESOMEly
<paroneayea>davexunit: I pushed up a repo
<davexunit>paroneayea: hey, cool!
<paroneayea>I even have a logo :)
<davexunit>why 'eightsync' and not '8sync' for the modules?
<davexunit>I saw that logo yesterday. very fancy!
<paroneayea>davexunit: I became unsure after mark_weaver pointed out that 8sync isn't a legal portable identifier (though it is a legal guile one)
<paroneayea>I guess I might as well do 8sync and eventually
<paroneayea>I could provide a way for r*rs strict things to import the modules
<paroneayea>other schemes don't use our module system anyway so I guess no reason why not 8sync
<paroneayea>davexunit: I'll change it to (8sync agenda) then :)
<davexunit>ohhh okay
<paroneayea>davexunit: next step is to add the cooperative repl and get syncbot in this channel
<paroneayea>and then I'll live hack an irc bot in #guile :)
<davexunit>if its not a legal portable identifier then I get that
<davexunit>that makes sense
<paroneayea>yeah maybe I made a mistake with the name... but I really like it in other ways
<paroneayea>it's a fun pun
<paroneayea>and I already have a good logo!
<davexunit>glad to see you've made some good progress on this
<paroneayea>I think I'm going to leave the name and not bikeshed on my own project name right now :)
<paroneayea>ACTION really good at the self-bikeshed
<davexunit>yeah just keep moving
<paroneayea>it's already becoming a lot more mature than I expected
<paroneayea>running async code in it is a dream
<paroneayea>well not mature
<paroneayea>but you know what I mean!
<paroneayea>things *work* really nicely!
<davexunit>would love to see some example code
<paroneayea>davexunit: I think you'd dig the irc example. I'll finish it and let you know soon, sound good?
<paroneayea>davexunit: maybe I'll make it easy to start one's own irc bot
<paroneayea>and then you can play around with that
<paroneayea>irc bots are fun
<davexunit>I'd love a cool framework for making irc bots
<paroneayea>yeah I'm already getting close
<paroneayea>close enough to do that, at least
<paroneayea>hi syncbot :)
<paroneayea>syncbot doesn't do anything yet
<paroneayea>but will in a few
<paroneayea>davexunit: heya, so
<paroneayea>davexunit: I got the cooperative repl working with 8sync
<paroneayea>live repl hacking works!
<paroneayea>hum interesting
<paroneayea>so select throws an error when interrupted by the system call apparently thrown by doing M-x connect-to-guile
<paroneayea>to connect to the cooperative repl
<paroneayea>I'm not sure how to catch a mundane interrupt of that sort vs something else
<paroneayea>conveniently ludo has documented this in guile master :)
<davexunit>oh nice
<paroneayea>"When an error occurs, of if it is interrupted by a signal, this procedure throws a @code{system-error} exception (@pxref{Conventions, @code{system-error}}). In case of aninterruption, the associated error number is @var{EINTR}.
<paroneayea>hopefully that's not a new feature...
<paroneayea>oh nm, I got it :)
<artyom-poptsov>ACTION just merged Guile-SSH SFTP client API implementation into the 'master' branch.
<artyom-poptsov>Although there are no unit tests for this part of API yet, manual testing with regular OpenSSH server shows that the API mostly works.
<nalaginrut>well, tests are the next thing I have to consider too
<sneek>Welcome back nalaginrut, you have 3 messages.
<sneek>nalaginrut, mcafee says: nala, hi, I really like your Artanis web-framework, It's really tasteful and nice. Saying that, I would like to give you a suggestion about dealing with web forms. There is a nice functional abstraction for web forms - formlets. For example, in racket there is support for formlets:
<sneek>nalaginrut, mcafee says: Theoretical aspects of formlets are described here:
<sneek>nalaginrut, mcafee says: It would be really nice if your Artanis web framework in its further releases would have formlets included!
<nalaginrut>sneek: later tell mcafee Thanks for telling me about formlet, I've printed the paper and been researching it. It looks a nice thing, I'll put it in TODO
<sneek>Will do.
<nalaginrut>formlet looks like providing a way to treat web-form as a component, which can be handled by 'art draw'
<nalaginrut>ACTION needs to think about more...
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<amz3>I have hacked together a small webapp, microblog kind of thing
<amz3>well, it's single user
<amz3>has hashtag page
<amz3>and no login page!
<amz3>so it's basically for private use
<amz3>I'll put it online :)
<amz3>also it use minikanren!!!
<amz3>simple queries it use, tho
<amz3>I'm experimenting with minikanren querying of a tuple space database
<amz3>there still no nice layer to do the querying, it's raw mk
<amz3>here is the most complicated mk query
<amz3>it looks for messages having a hashtag, using the hashtag name
***dje is now known as xdje
<daviid>hello guilers! ot: should I say 'the application script launcher' or 'application launching script' ?
<paroneayea>daviid: what's the context?
<daviid>the title of a git fix
<daviid>a git commit sorry
<daviid>since i was impatient :), i've used this: KisĂȘ's application script launcher code review
<csed>So uh, I'm getting a bad let form for (let (((list? '(1 2 3)) a)) a), for instance.
<csed>What I'm trying to do is avoid calling a function twise in a cond, so I figured "Hey, let's wrap that up in a let."
<csed>Turns out, dun werk.
<davexunit>that let is invalid
<paroneayea>daviid: either is fine
<davexunit>that's not the correct syntax at all
<davexunit>(let ((foo bar) ...) ...)
<davexunit>(let ((a (list? '(1 2 3)))) a)
<paroneayea>csed: ah yeah
<daviid>paroneayea: tx
<paroneayea>csed: what davexunit said :)
<paroneayea>using a let, always good! they took me a bit to wrap myself around that syntax.
<davexunit>identifier first, then value.
<csed>davexunit: God damn it, you're right. That was stupid. I actually tested with a simpler example (let ((a 1)) a) and it worked. And then messed up the next one, because magic. Cheers.
<csed>paroneayea: ^
<paroneayea>csed: don't stress it! next time you'll get it right :)
<davexunit>yeah don't worry about it
<davexunit>we all make thinkos
<csed>Heh, cheers.
<paroneayea>I wish I could find documentation on the quasipatterns in (ice-9 match) but I can't find any
<mthl>paroneayea: Same observation on my side
<daviid>I finally got my small [tiny] app, KisĂȘ, fully autotool chained and ready to submit an evaluation request for it to become part of GNU: fingers crossed!
<mthl>daviid: What does it do?
<daviid>mthl: here,
<jeffrin>hello all
<paroneayea>does #guile mind another guile-built bot joining us in-channel while I live hack em for a bit?
<davexunit>go for it
<civodul>paroneayea: i think everyone would be happy to welcome them :-)
<paroneayea>hi syncbot !
<syncbot>That's me!
<paroneayea>that's all it does at this very second, but luckily it's live hack'able
<paroneayea>test again
<paroneayea>so 8sync doesn't have graceful error handling built in yet, so syncbot just crashes on bugs :)
<syncbot>That's me!
<paroneayea>yes yes
<civodul>syncbot: welcome!
<syncbot>That's me!
<paroneayea>ACTION live hack removes that feature :)
<paroneayea>syncbot shouldn't echo this time???
<syncbot>That's me!
<civodul>syncbot does!
<syncbot>That's me!
<paroneayea>well that failed
<paroneayea>okay how about now syncbot
<paroneayea>I didn't connect-to-guile when I ran it last time
<paroneayea>no wonder :)
<paroneayea>don't make a liar out of me syncbot!
<paroneayea>how about I add a quick botsnack feature?
<civodul>the creature has escaped its master!
<paroneayea>syncbot: botsnack
<syncbot>Yippie! *does a dance!*
<paroneayea>syncbot: flagrantly unknown command
<paroneayea>forgot an argument to (format)
<paroneayea>syncbot: flagrantly unknown command
<syncbot>*stupid puppy look*
<paroneayea>well I need to work in graceful failures
<paroneayea>so the event loop doesn't *necessarily* die on errors, depending on configuration :)
<paroneayea>nonetheless, live hacking this thing is a dream