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<amz3>héllo :)
<amz3>do you have any schemey language that targets the browser to recommend?
<amz3>if possible with an FRP framework
<amz3>nm i found something but it doesnt do FRP
<madsy>amz3: Depends on what you mean with "schemey"
<madsy>I'm not sure if ClojureScript fits the bill, but I enjoyed it last time I used it
<thorwil>there's racket's whalesong. (not tried, yet)
<amz3>I found lispyscript, it has not FRP framework
<amz3>clojurescript, I wish it was self hosted, I fear the jvm
<amz3>but I think that lispyscript is good candidate, I need to find FRP library, I'll ask davexunit when he's back
<amz3>otherwise I continue in javascript, maybe I'll learn the `javascript way` (tm)
<mouldysammich>Is biwascheme an option? perhaps i am ignorant as to what you are looking for
<paroneayea>I think chicken scheme also has a "compile to JS" thing
<paroneayea>amz3: some people also like Wisp
<paroneayea>not ArneBab_'s wisp
<paroneayea>the other one
<amz3>paroneayea: I was just looking at it
<amz3>it's nice
<amz3>I can't decide :)
<amz3>of course if guile was working it would be another story
<amz3>if guile javascript was working
<amz3>I'm wondering what's the state of the project
<amz3>biwascheme looks nice
<paroneayea>amz3: it would be neat to check out ijp's repo and see how far things are
<amz3>paroneayea: do you which repo it is?
<paroneayea>amz3: I can find it, 1 sec
<paroneayea>amz3: there are two branches
<paroneayea>not sure which one is better
<amz3>thanks I will look at it
<amz3>IIRC ijp was working on call/cc which i don't need...
<paroneayea>yes he was
<paroneayea>I remember him complaining about it, heh
<paroneayea>amz3: I think wisp will be your closest thing to having a lisp that acts like javascript quickly
<paroneayea>in that
<paroneayea>it will mostly be javascript in lisp's clothing
<amz3>I agree
<amz3>I'm not very entusiasth at the idea of using a software that was written like your do sport
<amz3>I'll see, I'm looking at guile javascript first :)
<amz3>(disclaimer: I have nothing against coding as a sport!)
<amz3>I think it's called code golfing
<amz3>IIRC guile javascript converts guile IL to a javascript using lisp syntax, and then convert than to javascript with curly parens
<amz3>hey, someone has taken
<amz3>it would be nice to... tweet. that's the spirit over there ;)
<paroneayea>@guilelang is available if we wanted to go that route
<paroneayea>if we wanted to promote the project more on social network things, I could register accounts on, gnu social, and twitter
<paroneayea>what do you think civodul ?
<paroneayea>and send access to the maintainers
<paroneayea>it may also be a good idea to do this for guix
<paroneayea>wingo: mark_weaver: ^^
<wingo>ACTION back
<wingo>i have been using an irc gateway, dunno if it is properly setting myself as auto-away or not
<wingo>paroneayea: i would be ok with it and also i trust you to do this; caveat is the last time this topic came up there was concern over guile not promoting proprietary services
<wingo>but i guess the fsf is on twitter and therefore it can't be verboten :P
<daviid>I don't think we should be on twitter
<daviid>twitter is evil, don't use it ever
<Petit_Dejeuner`>There's that micro-blog quitter thing, isn't there?
<wingo>there are many µblog things
<wingo>the reason people use twitter is to hear from the people that are on it
<taylan>Twitter has a huge user-base, which is probably why the FSF, FSFE, EFF, Tor, etc. have accounts there. i.e. the benefits outweigh the costs I guess, even for a free software project/organization.
<daviid>taylan: never, this is not about confort, win win ... it is abut ethic
<daviid>no way you lower the ethic becuse 'a lot of people'
<daviid>jut invite them to close down their account there, it was a mistake on their part
<daviid>anyway, my opimion, we should not be on twitter
<civodul>paroneayea: i'm find with "official" promotion, but not on the centralized networks, no way
<wingo>civodul: so you think the fsf should not be on twitter i guess
<wingo>or maybe you think there is a difference betweeen guile and the fsf in this regard
<wingo>mark_weaver: u there? :)
<civodul>wingo: i think neither the FSF nor Guile should be there, indeed
<wingo>paroneayea: please do reserve things on decentralized networks tho :)
<civodul>the FSF makes a "tradeoff" by being there while still claiming it's a "bad" thing
<wingo>fwiw i have been able to do free software things because of twitter
<wingo>i don't think good/bad is so useful as a classification, but ymmv
<civodul>note the quotes
<civodul>i think we have many other ways to communicate
<civodul>heck, as a free software community, we actually build those tools
<civodul>so no Twitter for me
<taylan>ACTION wonders how feasible it would be to have a make flag that says "use a single Guile instance to compile all files"
<paroneayea>heya wingo, civodul
<paroneayea>civodul: wingo: okay, we can skip doing twitter
<wingo>taylan: would be quite possible to write a guile program to compile everything; sometimes tricky to make sure that instance used the newly compiled code tho
<paroneayea>civodul: wingo: I hate the irony of making use of twitter, though we do it for MediaGoblin
<wingo>taylan: mostly an advantage in the early early stages to mitigate syntax expansion costs
<paroneayea>the FSF also notably makes a distinction between Twitter and Facebook iirc in that at least with Twitter, you know all your stuff is public, and you aren't being tricked into giving away your private life
<paroneayea>I may be remembering that wrong
<davexunit>that's the crux of it
<paroneayea>civodul: wingo: the FSF also handles its twitter thing partly by sending automated messages occasionally saying "follow us on these more free systems instead"
<davexunit>twitter isn't good, but you can publish stuff there.
<davexunit>also, the FSF posts to twitter via gnu social
<paroneayea>davexunit: ah right
<davexunit>that way, the FSF can do outreach in a place where there are lots of people
<davexunit>in hopes of bringing them to the dark side ;)
<paroneayea>bring them to the good side!
<paroneayea>we also have cookies.
<wingo>civodul: i have not had guile email over the past week. wdyt about releasing 2.1.1 soon if i can't find mark_weaver over irc
<wingo>or do you feel that email contact is necessary
<wingo>it would be ok if you felt this way :)
<davexunit>I think Zooko's triangle can be applied to Guile maintainers. you can only contact 2/3 at any given time.
<paroneayea>wingo: release! release!
<civodul>davexunit: :-)
<paroneayea>wingo: it's on the unstable series anyway
<wingo>davexunit: :)
<civodul>ACTION looks
<wingo>i haven't mailed mark_weaver
<wingo>just ftr
<wingo>not because i didn't want to
<wingo>but because i'm incompetent
<wingo>and also am fixing my guix setup
<wingo>more fun to write blog posts
<wingo>than fix my mail :P
<davexunit>keep the mail broken, more blog posts please!
<wingo>am working on another one about guile and native compilation :)
<civodul>wingo: ah ok, i thought i had been too sloppy with mail and all that ;-)
<paroneayea>wingo: I love reading your blogposts
<civodul>wingo: could you send an ultimatum to mark_weaver and guile-devel by email? :-)
<civodul>otherwise i agree, you shouldn't wait for too long
<davexunit>wingo: much excite
<paroneayea>wingo: you cover a lot of advanced topics, though in a really engaging way. It's good! Sometimes I can't keep up, and I get so excited I go and learn a bunch of things so I can try to follow along.
<civodul>i just wouldn't feel comfortable not having people aware of this, esp. mark_weaver
<paroneayea>wingo: I've learned a ton about compilers from reading along!
<davexunit>I do not grok all of the topics in wingo's posts, but they are explained in a way that I can always pick up some useful new knowledge when reading.
<madsy>New guile release soon? yay :)
<wingo>civodul: sure
<civodul>wingo: and i'll look at 2.0.12 once Guix is out
<wingo>yeah ack that guix is taking time
<wingo>so many things in the air
<wingo>btw guix is really inspiring
<wingo>people doing lots of interesting things, completely apart from the fact that it's guile :)
<wingo>very nice stuff
<paroneayea>yes, Guix is Guile's
<paroneayea>current "killer program"
<wingo>oddly, but yeah
<davexunit>it's nice to see so many people who do not have much experience with Scheme and are able to jump in and contribute.
<daviid>wingo: does 2.1.1 fix 20093 ? [sorry, overloaded and did not get a chance to pull compile make, install check yet ...]
<Petit_Dejeuner`>Hi. When I try to run guild it doesn't list the commands. Is there any reason why it might be doing this?
<wingo>daviid: probably not, would be 2.1.2 material
<daviid>imo, we should [try to] fix these 2 before to release: 19770 and 20423 I was hoping to fund this, but I had no answer t the time and my financil situation has changed, i have to be carefull ...
<daviid>wingo: ok
<daviid>but i think we should fix these 2 above ^^
<wingo>no doubt before 2.2 but they do not block a release imo
<daviid>i really wish I could fund the fix but I can't i'm sorry
<wingo>i can fix but actually making a release is also important :)
<daviid>wingo: I agree let's go for it and fix these 2 later then
<daviid>wingo: just be aware that until 20093 is fixed, 2.1 is unusable for me. wrt the other 2, I locally wrote a 'by pass' for each, as well as for 17355, but wrt 20093 I won't be able to write a by pass, hence for me it is a very serious bug :)