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<ArneBab>great, epubli changed the author contract and now requires me to allow them to use excerpts of the work within their advertisement. I don’t think I can grant them that and still publish only under GPL. I can’t stand that…
<ArneBab>I hate that. Can’t they just keep it simple?
<amz3>Doing something like "24 days of rust" can be nice
<amz3>taylanub: what kind of NLProc do you do?
<taylanub>amz3: NLProc?
<taylanub>amz3: oh, you mean my example on the ML? I don't, it was a hypothetical example.
<amz3>ok :)
<taylanub>(that being said, I might start doing so soon, at, writing in Clojure)
<amz3>I read the ML to try to understand a bit a guile
<amz3>you finished studiyin?
<taylanub>I didn't study, in fact I dropped out of high school. kinda complicated.
<amz3>you are not the only one :p
<amz3>not alone
<amz3>I'd like to work on NLP thing
<amz3>I did not find such thing in france
<amz3>cognesys looks amazing
<taylanub>they claim to have an innovative model for how humans understand text/language. if they're really on to something, that might be pretty amazing. otherwise, they might spiral into irrelevance and disappear, but I can afford the risk.
<taylanub>in the worst case I can always return to iOS development, or jump to something like web development...
<ArneBab_>py2guile is short of being release-ready. Could you have a look at the planned release-website?
<daviid`>ArneBab_: just a quick feedback, i won't review and talk about this more then what I say now... but here, using epiphany, the look is terrible, I'm sorry to say so but that's how it feels :) (a) fonts are hude and totally disproportinned bewtween each other, (b) Ctrl- will only reduce some entries [like the Free Software one], but not the page, then (c) it does not respect my browser width I don't even stay/read any site that does not
<daviid`>even a second, and finally (d) this flicking of left and right is absolutely terrible imo :)
<daviid`>I did not read any content [and won't, sorry, just a quick look feedback, personnal opinion of course feel free to ignore
<ArneBab_>daviid`: the first impression is important - thank you!
<daviid`>but look at guixsd, and freinds
<ArneBab_>daviid`: could you take a screenshot?
<ArneBab_>thank you!
<ArneBab_>I’m using my default website theme for the info, and if it looks terrible, I should fix it.
<daviid`>horrible imo, but ...
<ArneBab_>I like how it looks for me, but I learned too often that how it looks here can be very different from how it looks for others…
<ArneBab_>argl, the fallback fonts…
<ArneBab_>I saved it, so I can try to fix it…
<daviid`>i did hit Ctrl- as much as I could, so min font [menu] is 7 pixels, the rest seems still 22 or bigger ...
<ArneBab_>daviid`: for me it looks like this:
<daviid`>which still looks very bad imo
<ArneBab_>oh, ok…
<daviid`>but i don't have much time, look to the guixsd site, and similar
<daviid`>remove the left 'encart' [with yourself and search
<ArneBab_>then a double thank you!
<daviid`>dtratically reduce the right one
<daviid`>and so on ..
<daviid`>that's it, i move on other things
<ArneBab_>happy hacking!
<daviid`>tx same for you
<ArneBab_>(my webdesign skills are pretty rusty…)
<ArneBab_>thank you!
<daviid`>I would do something much much simpler and straight to the point, i feel i read 'ther guardian' with commkents from people saying the guardian is a good news paper ... we are hackers, and hate these things, imo, at lerast i hate these things
<daviid`>that was my last comment :)
<civodul>paroneayea: regarding the web site, sure, i'll email Felipe
<daviid`>ArneBab_: what i'd like to see if i was a python programmer who would want to give guile a try is a document like this [python on the left column and guile on the right then a guile's cheat sheet a la clojure [just thoughts ...]
<ArneBab_>havihg that would be cool for the Guile site
<ArneBab_>daviid`: it could also be a very good fit for the appendix of the book
<ArneBab_>but I don’t think I can do it for the first version…
<ArneBab_>(that would delay it quite a bit, and I want to release)