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<paroneayea>hello #guile!
<paroneayea>zacts: oooh
<paroneayea>zacts: I'm really interested in what decisions The Little Prover made
<paroneayea>zacts: is it like The Seasoned Schemer where it includes a small scheme library?
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<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<wleslie>Hi Ludo!
<janneke>what's the best way to find
<janneke>;;; ERROR: Syntax error:
<janneke>;;; unknown location: unexpected syntax in form ()
<wleslie>grep -e '\\(\\)'
<janneke>$ grep -e '\\(\\)' *scm out-goops/*.scm | wc -l
<janneke>(define-class <x> () ...
<janneke>(lambda () ... )
<janneke>perfectly fine
<janneke>(let () ...)
<janneke>but not in some "unknown location" :-/
<wleslie>oh, unknown location
<wleslie>I guess that's a macro invocation then
<wleslie>ACTION waits for someone knowledgeable to help
<civodul>i think "unknown location" stems from the fact that () cannot have source location info attached
<ArneBab_>Do I understand it correctly that guildhall cannot be made part of Guile, because it is GPL while Guile is LGPL?
<dsmith-work>ArneBab_: More likely copyright assignment, I think.
<civodul>ACTION thinks both could be worked out
<dsmith-work>Thursday Greetings, Guilers
<ArneBab_>Can I unzip a bytevector easily?
<ArneBab_>civodul: is there anything important missing from guildhall - codewise?
<ArneBab_>when using it, it seems to already provide what is needed
<civodul>ArneBab_: ijp would be the right person to ask
<ArneBab_>that’s what I plan to do
<ArneBab_>…can just do it right away…
<ArneBab_>sneek: later tell ijp: What is missing from guildhall codewise?
<civodul>but i think guildhall does the job, basically
<ArneBab_>I think so, too
<ArneBab_>the one thing I’m missing myself is management of the repositories. Something like
<ArneBab_>guild hall --add name uri
<ArneBab_>I want to download a gzipped netcdf file, unzip and access its contents. Ideally without saving it in between. Do you have a tip how to go about that?
<ArneBab_>this is the file:
<ArneBab_>(I’m trying to replace a 4-line shell-script)
<paroneayea>hello #guile!
<ArneBab_>hi paroneayea
<amz3>héllo :)
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<dsmith-work>sneek: seen wingo?
<sneek>wingo was here Jun 24 at 08:05 pm UTC, saying: and how long prerelease will take, no idear.