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<amz3>héllo guilers :)
<amz3>I came close enough to what I was looking for regarding my template engine (sfx.scm)
<amz3>I mean that it's good enough
<amz3>if you want to try it: I embed in the comment an exemple index.scm file (which should have a .sfx extension, but I started with .scm and forgot to change it)
<amz3>it has some shortcoming compared to (load "index.sxml") as it is done in davexunit's haunt static blog generator. You can't have complex scheme inside the template like declaring a record
<amz3>same for defines
<amz3>it raise an error : no expressions in body in form (lambda () (define (abc a b c) (+ a b c)))
<amz3>it is related to the way I eval the template in flyeval: (local-eval `(lambda () ,sexp) env)
<amz3>héllo stis__ :)
<stis__>hi amz3:
<sneek>Welcome back stis__, you have 1 message.
<sneek>stis__, amz3 says: help! :)
<stis__>amz3: I saw your message earlier. But sent the email to the wrong peron.
<stis__>You should have an answe now in your inbox so that you can continue.
<stis__>yesterday was terrible by the way, my parents dog and my son's favorite pet passed away after a dramatic day.
<amz3>: /
<amz3>I am fixing some typos in documentation while I read the documentation so that you don't have to
<amz3>also I tried to run pytho-on-guile, I did several changes, I think the repository is missing a commit
<amz3>I mean I try to make it run
<stis__>Well it's not for useage, and I sure there can be a missing commit or it is in a nin runnable state.
<stis__>You may also need the head of guile-log.
<stis__>I am on batteries now, and will go offline 6hrs soon. But tonight I can look into getting python on guile running
<stis__>anyway thanks for the help Also make sure to be on the head when committing changes to the code.
<stis__>thanks a lot for your helo anyway :-)
<stis__>helo -> help
<amz3>see you later
<amz3>I don't need python-on-guile running right now I will explore otherwise
<amz3>ACTION hihi
<amz3>I'm gonna combinator parser markdown
<amz3>does anyone know something about snltk?
<rlb>Any good rule of thumb for the relative efficiency of records vs classes vs...?
<rlb>Confused by an error - should goops work for srfi-9 types, i.e.
<rlb> (define-method (set-validator! (atom <atom>) (validator <procedure>)) ...
<rlb>may be unrelated, but wanted to check.
<rlb>;;; ERROR: In procedure slot-ref: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting instance): #<record-type <atom>>
<amz3>why should it work with record?
<rlb>Hmm, no reason? Guess I'd just supposed that GOOPS might be integrated with the other types.