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<paron_remote>ArneBab_: cool!
<paron_remote>btw currently 403s
<ArneBab_>paron_remote: my site was hacked, it will come offline again when I managed to clean it up. 15 GiB of backups to go through…
<paron_remote>ArneBab_: eek :(
<paron_remote>good luck!
<ArneBab_>(dynamic sites suck…)
<ArneBab_>but right now I’m singing Jedi Queen :)
<paron_remote>ArneBab_: fear of such a thing is but one reason I am looking forward to running all of my stuff via guixops...
<ArneBab_>one thing which is still missing in the online pdf is the GPL. I added it locally but did not upload yet.
<ArneBab_>If I had the time (and energy) to pull it off, I would make my site static with edit links which go to my homeserver, which would then parse and upload the new site.
<paron_remote>ArneBab_: I just re-read a huge chunk of that :)
<paron_remote>good stuff
<paron_remote>and matches a lot of my own experiences as well
<ArneBab_>paron_remote: yay!
<ArneBab_>now the next step is: How can I sell that without selling out ethics…
<ArneBab_>(I want to keep the source available to all under GPL)
<ArneBab_>but not tonight :)
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<sneek>nalaginrut, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>nalaginrut, mark_weaver says: again, TCO is not useful for us. if it's merely an optimization, we cannot rely on it, so it's useless for us. However, it appears that ES6 actually has "proper tail calls", which sounds like what we need. See
<sneek>nalaginrut, mark_weaver says: and notice that the author of that article is also confused about the crucial difference between TCO and proper tail calls, but he did at least put an "Update" at the beginning of the article, where he conveys the difference.
<nalaginrut>mark_weaver: thanks for explain it! ;-)
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<lloda>I've built stable ( from scratch and I have the same issue I had on master, the repl works by sexprs with the history of the current session, but from previous history I only get lines
<civodul>lines instead of sexps?
<civodul>oh, me too
<civodul>was it different before?
<lloda>I think it was ever lines, but it would nice if it worked with previous history just as with current-session history
<ArneBab>it could have been different: before the change, current-session history displayed the sexp in one line, with the change, it keeps multiple lines.
<ArneBab>old: (define (foo) ; important note\\n(write 'foo)) ; sexp from history does not work
<ArneBab>(define (foo) ; yes
<ArneBab> (write 'foo))
<ArneBab>^ put that into the REPL to see how it breaks if you merge the sexp into one line.
<lloda>sure, my question is, could that be done also for before-session history?
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<nalaginrut>3 years later, I've realized that my aim for Artanis is actually the so-called micro-services...
*nalaginrut hates so many new terms...
<nalaginrut>oh, my bad, it's monolithic-services
<nalaginrut>Monolithic Architecture
<nalaginrut>well, maybe I should make it configurable, people could config it as microservices
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<ArneBab>sneek: later tell nalaginrut: related: Springfield Javascript Framework Repository: — so many people trying to find the easy answer
<sneek>Got it.
<ArneBab>sneek: botsnack
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