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<davexunit>just doxygen xml, no scheme code.
<gnusosa>davexunit: awesome
<gnusosa>davexunit: thanks so much
<gnusosa>I will find time in the weekend to work on this
<gnusosa>right now, I'm fighting ruby.
<davexunit>gnusosa: hey that's what I do all day, too!
<davexunit>I write Chef recipes and admire how much better Guix is.
<gnusosa>Ohh chef with its mega separation of concerns - attributes, templates, cookbooks, recipes, data_bags
<gnusosa>sooo much stuff to deal with
<davexunit>it's incredibly over-engineered
<davexunit>"data bags" makes me laugh every time.
<paroneayea>hello, *!
<sirgazil>Hello Guilenses :)
<sirgazil>I was wondering, how do you generate the API documentation of Guile?
<sirgazil>I'm looking for a documentation geretator...
<sirgazil>Also, do you use any particular format in your docstrings?
<davexunit>sirgazil: texinfo manual
<sirgazil>davexunit: you mean you use texinfo syntax in docstring or that I should read the manual? :)
<davexunit>sirgazil: there is some support in guile for using texinfo docstrings, but the most common style is to write regular lisp style docstrings in the source.
<davexunit>and texinfo-ify the public api procedures and stick them in the manual
<ijp>sirgazil: documentation is written, not generated
<sirgazil>I see... Thanks.
<paroneayea>davexunit: I see you using %make-model for the internal, un-exported model constructor used by the public api
<paroneayea>is that a convention for internal things, as well as for fluids and etc?
<davexunit>yeah, seems to be.
<paroneayea>davexunit: good to know
<paroneayea>I was appending -intern and -internal to my things :)
<amz3>it's possible to generate some part of documentation, no ?
<amz3>the reference documentation
<ijp>I haven't given an update recently, so here is one: keyword arguments