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<paroneayea>mark_weaver: is it just that the guile 2.2 tests are currently failing?
<paroneayea>re: "known issue"
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: well, bipt just said that he pushed a fix and that "make check" should now work, so forget what I said :)
*mark_weaver goes afk
<paroneayea>well, things are compiling
<paroneayea>*compile compile compile*
<lamefun>Is Guile/Scheme still worth to use or it's been obsoleted by Haskell?
<mark_weaver>That's a strange question to ask a channel where Guile/Scheme users hang out.
<lamefun>Well, if I posted this on #haskell they'd surely 99% say yes.
<mark_weaver>of course they would
<mark_weaver>FWIW, I like Haskell a lot, but it's not clear to me that it's the right approach for every program.
<mark_weaver>for example, for interactive systems like Emacs or a computer algebra system, where you want to be able to interactively mutate your environment, languages like Lisp and Scheme are more appropriate, IMO
<lamefun>can't haskell GHCI?
<mark_weaver>well, consider computer algebra systems
<mark_weaver>you need to choose a representation for expressions
<mark_weaver>but it should be extensible. you should be able to add new types of expressions
<mark_weaver>but haskell's static typing does not make this natural
<mark_weaver>and consider operations on numbers and expressions
<mark_weaver>like addition
<mark_weaver>for an interactive system, you want to be able to extend the existing operators to support new types as you add them.
<mark_weaver>more generally, although I try to keep it to a minimummutable state is sometimes appropriate in my opinion,
<mark_weaver>more generally, I although I try to minimize my use of mutable state, and prefer to write in a mostly purely-functional style,
<mark_weaver>I believe that there are some cases where mutable state is appropriate, because the alternatives are worse.
<paroneayea>bipt: good news! that fixed that part.
<paroneayea>bad news! it now fails on a different test :)
<mark_weaver>paroneayea: I suggest that you just disable tests for now, so that you can make progress on guile-emacs
<lamefun>I think Scheme with its data format can be very useful for data / configuration files, like this pseudo-Scheme game entity definition:
<lamefun>That can be read by anything capable of reading Scheme format to generate in-game guides, etc.
<lamefun>Or update game wiki pages and generate .po files.
<paroneayea>mark_weaver: ok, will try that!
<mark_weaver>the other thing I'll say about Scheme is that it is not tied to any particular programming style, but rather gives you the tools to write your program in a style of your choosing
<mark_weaver>even styles that haven't yet been invented
<mark_weaver>Scheme allows almost everything to be in libraries, because the base is so flexible and generic
<mark_weaver>In the Haskell world, changes to the language are very frequently desired, e.g. due to limitations in the type system that are uncovered by some program
<mark_weaver>I think that both approaches are extremely valuable.
<zacts>mark_weaver: what are your feelings about dynamic versus static typing?
<zacts>(in general)
<lamefun>Also I'm under the impression that everyone thinks that languages with changeable variables languages like Scheme or C are going to die because they can't possibly exploit all the abilities of super-parallel quantum/graphene/memristor/etc. computers of the future.
<mark_weaver>I'm sorry, I have to go afk for a while. happy hacking!
<zacts>ah, ok. catch you laters man! :-)
<bipt>paroneayea, works for could run tests in $(git merge-base master wip) to see if it's my fault
<bipt>or in master probably (wip is a little over a month out of sync)
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<paroneayea>bipt: ok interesting, I'll see how master works out with it and this package in a few
<paroneayea>bipt: I disabled tests in this run, gonna see if it can build emacs successfully, ignoring the popen thing :)
<paroneayea>so I disabled make check, now hitting this error
<paroneayea>Loading /tmp/nix-build-guile-emacs-20150209.8f2e203.drv-3/source/lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (source)...
<paroneayea>Scheme error: unbound-variable, (#<scheme module-lookup> #<scheme Unbound variable: ~S> (regexp-opt) #<scheme #f>)
<paroneayea>Makefile:91: recipe for target '../../source/leim/../lisp/leim/quail/TONEPY.el' failed
<paroneayea>I guess I'll write to the list
<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<paroneayea>hi nalaginrut
<ArneBab>bipt: corner-case: Some settings in emacs init.el fail when init.el is compiled.
<ArneBab>bipt: how can I pre-compile elisp with guile?
<ArneBab>erc died with a segmentation fault
<arne>Hello from guile-emacs M-x irc!
<ArneBab>^ that’s me ☺
<ArneBab>(with X11 SSH forward)
<arne>Guile Emacs took a few minutes to start, but it works!
<ArneBab>(now it segfaulted)
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<zacts>hi civodul
<civodul>wingo: what do you think of announcing ijp's GSoC on
<wingo>civodul: a great idea :)
<wingo>i can do that tomorrow or so
<wingo>moin btw
<zacts>oh is ijp really going to do that guile --> JS compiler, or whatever it was?
<nalaginrut>wingo: oh, it seems that something is wrong in 2.1, not in 2.0, I have to change my code
<nalaginrut>wingo: can you run it in 2.1 and 2.0 ? (define-syntax define-art (lambda (x) (syntax-case x () ((_ name) (identifier? #'name) #`(begin
<nalaginrut>(define name 2) (define #,(datum->syntax #'name (symbol-append 'define- (syntax->datum #'name))) 33)
<nalaginrut>sorry, I have to use pastebin
<nalaginrut>sneek: later tell wingo please try to run it in 2.1 and 2.0
<sneek>Will do.
<wingo>not sure what the expectation is
<sneek>Welcome back wingo, you have 1 message.
<sneek>wingo, nalaginrut says: please try to run it in 2.1 and 2.0
<nalaginrut>wingo: the meaning of the code is trivial, but it should run
<wingo>the meaning is not trivial
<wingo>that's not a bug report anyway :)
<wingo>can you paste a well-formatted code sample with expected result and actual result
<wingo>tx :)
<wingo>to if you can
<nalaginrut>wingo: ok, I see
<wingo>i have some ideas as to what is wrong but i need a self-contained test case
<nalaginrut>I wrote something in comment
<wingo>nalaginrut: did you read the NEWS section about this
<wingo>see the entry titled "** Pseudo-hygienically rename macro-introduced bindings"
<wingo>and the previous section
<nalaginrut>wingo: NEWS in master? I haven't
<wingo>not sure if it bears on this exact situation
<wingo>but still your test case isn't self-contained
<wingo>can you make sure to include the use of the macro also
<nalaginrut>wingo: the test case is simple, just run (define-art ccc), the error in 2.1 is "ERROR: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: define-"
<nalaginrut>but it's fine in 2.0
<wingo>works for me
<wingo>so please, a full test case would be helpful
<nalaginrut>wingo: I'm so sorry, it works now, I think the REPL was broken by me in several experiments of syntax before, I entered a new REPL, and it's fine now...
<wingo>np :)
<nalaginrut>wingo: please close the bug report, sorry for bothering
<nalaginrut>wingo: anyway, I change my code from define-macro to define-syntax, and the latest Artanis works in 2.0 & 2.1 now ;-)
<nalaginrut>but I think there's something wrong when expanding define-macro, anyway, I don't want to use it anymore, if possible
*nalaginrut has to go home
<nalaginrut>see you
<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>mark_weaver: btw: master has been passing make check for me for quite a while now
*stis :-(
<bipt`>this program fails in 2.0 and prints 42 in master: (use-modules (ice-9 match)) (export _) (match 42 (_ (display _)))
*stis have been bitten by weak tables
<stis>the key cannot be part of the value!!
<civodul>bipt`: that's expected, because of hygiene extended to top-level bindings in master
<civodul>if you see what i mean
<zacts>civodul: so what was ijp's GSoC project again, (if I may ask)? :-)
<zacts>iirc it had something to do with guile and JS?
<stis>civodul: We need better weak hash table documentation
<stis>this technical point is not included, and it can create bugs that can be hard to spot
<stis>Java weak maps have the same issue, so it looks like a needed deficiency in the gc
<davexunit>zacts: compiling guile to JS
<stis>yeah! that would be one cool effort!
<stis>maybe the weak key issue is a feture, but nevertheless the doc must be clear on the semantic
<civodul>yeah i hope wingo will announce it
<civodul>it's a real cool project
<bipt`>civodul, thanks, that makes sense. i forgot that syntax-rules literals have to be unbound to match
<stis>sneek: where is bugs
<stis>sneek: bugs
<sneek>I've heard bugs is send reports to, and see bug reports at
<paroneayea>I'm thinking of writing an implementation of the w3c socialwg stuff in racket, and then try to bring it back to guile, partly so I can get a sense of what the racket people are doing webdev wise
<paroneayea>and see what ideas we can snarf for guile land
<paroneayea>davexunit: good idea or bad idea, do you think?
<bipt`>after fixing a bunch of 'match' forms, guix seems to be compiling successfully under guile master :)
<paroneayea>bipt`: ooooh
<paroneayea>bipt`: are you trying out the guile-emacs stuff I sent?
<paroneayea>I sent an updated patch to the list, btw
<paroneayea>regardless, glad you're joining the guix collective :)
<davexunit>paroneayea: sounds fine to me.
<bipt`>paroneayea, yes, i'm going to try to reproduce the error
<davexunit>bipt`: I'm also glad you're giving guix a try. :)
<bipt`>and it's a good excuse to finally learn guix
*davexunit is wearing his GuixSD shirt today
<wingo>stis: it's incredible isn't it
<wingo>credible but a really irritating condition, if you run into it :P
<zacts>there are GuixSD shirts?
<zacts>I want one
<stis>wingo: lol, np. I eat iron grabage for breakfast. I manage ;-)
<stis>I'm trying to get a functional weak set working somewhat.
<stis>I'll just separate the keys from the values internally
<stis>It was just so neet to keep a (k . v) in the vhash vector
<stis>using a weak vector to store them, then use a weak-key hash table
<stis>to manage the kind of key value pair.
<stis>like k -> (k . v)
*stis is heading back to the drawing board
<paroneayea>zacts: not any more, for now
<paroneayea>but maybe more in the future
<zacts>ah ok, darn
<paroneayea>that all depends on sirgazil :)
*zacts sobs and cries, and throws a fit, and hides behind a rock
*paroneayea grabs white shirt, draws rough approximation of guixsd logo on it with a sharpie, hands to zacts
<paroneayea>one of a kind limited run!
<wingo>stis: interesting :) you might want to search for "ephemerons"
<wingo>in the literature
<civodul>bipt`: i'm interested in the literal '_' patch for Guix :-)
<wingo>should guile 2.2 define _ in the root module?
<wingo>it's a common catch-all identifier in patterns...
<wingo>in the same way that the r6rs defines "else"
<civodul>but it's also a common shorthand for 'gettext'
<wingo>heh, we're screwed :)
<civodul>heh :-)
<wingo>a new class of bugs, wheee
<daviid>wingo: i use it for gettext
<civodul>i guess in Guix we should just switch to G_ instead, something like that
<civodul>but yeah, this one's gonna be a problem
<wingo>we could make a synonym for _ in match
<wingo>if that helps
<wingo>dunno what though, or if that could be made compatible :/
<daviid>__ ?
<wingo>daviid: not a bad idea
<bipt`>i can send it in, but i don't think the new 'match' behavior is actually useful. it's not like it matches things _against_ the existing binding, it just creates an extra binding that won't normally be used
<wingo>it was better than my joke bad idea which was the euro sign which i don't know how to make under guixsd :P
<wingo>we have $ after all ;)
<davexunit>wait, _ in match isn't going to work right anymore?
<stis>wingo: thx, i'm planning to make those for prolog variables in guile-log
<wingo>bipt`: it makes it so that you can rename keywords, for one
<wingo>auxiliary keywords should usually be defined
<wingo>to do otherwise is to invite this kind of bug
<wingo>dunno, i would need to pull up better arguments to defend this change more extensively, though it did fix some bugs in our r6rs implementation
<wingo>the NEWS has a paragraph on this
*wingo pushes more compiler hacks to master, la la
<daviid>wingo: great! will pull
<wingo>not interesting from a user perspective yet tho
<daviid>ah ok
<wingo>just a refactor to start allowing other things
<daviid>will wait then :)
<wingo>yes that is probably better :)
<davexunit>some new features coming?
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