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<paroneayea>bipt: the terrible code I wrote which I was asking for clarification on yesterday. It works though!
<paroneayea>thanks for your help
<daviid`>i'd like to rename my 'common' project to something more 'fun' [and less 'oh we all use it' :)], possibly meaning what it is [a small set of [personnal till now] guile and guile-gnome modules used by multiple apps], but not necesarily [meanng what it is :)], suggestions welcome...
<daviid`>ping me anytime, naming is the hardest thing on earth :)
<paroneayea>daviid`: ribbon?
<paroneayea>for a name
<paroneayea>just thinking of something that ties things together
<paroneayea>staple, as in staple foods? ;)
<daviid`>paroneayea: will keep it in my list, many for thinking and for the suggestion! will grab all suggestions and keep and 'play' with them for a little while, untill I make up my mind :)
<daviid`>s/many/many thanks