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<taylanub>frogsus: shouldn't Python do the job well enough for that purpose? it's a dynamic language too after all.
<cluck>answering the question: yes, it can
<frogsus>thanks for replies. See, I would like to follow's recommendation in GNU Coding Std doc: "We don’t reject programs written in other “scripting languages” such as Perl and Python, but using Guile is the path that will lead to overall consistency of the GNU system."
<frogsus>Forgive me for making my question poorly, I'm an utter beginner at this. I understand that Scheme is "the" language that hooks into Guile. And I have not decided yet whether to go with Scheme, or Python. So, I don't mean to sound partial to one or the other at all. I only wondered, in case of Python, if Guile had, what's the name, bindings? hooks? an API? to Python.
<frogsus>For what it's worth, I celebrate GNU's vision of software in freedom.
<frogsus>Extensibility of my app by, not only seasoned programmers, but by users who's proficiency is merely of being adept at using --options at the cmd line, is one objective I'd like to accomplish.
<frogsus>Certainly the extending of the app by novice users I expect thy might do is not the kind where they write C functions---it would be absurd to expect that of them. The extending I have in mind of a very elementary kind, nothing beyond the complexity of entering a cmd and an option at the cmd line, as an example.
<bipt`>frogsus, i don't think a guile-python bridge exists. they both have c library interfaces and FFIs so they could interoperate to some degree
<frogsus>bipt`: fair enough. Thanks for clues.
<bipt`>wasn't someone working on python-on-guile a while ago?
<frogsus>sorry, got disconnected
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