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<daviid>davexunit: i see in sly you name ... how/where do you tell autotools not to complain these are not missing ?
<daviid>davexunit: tx!
<daviid>davexunit: i left a msg for yoiu with sneek i think it got lost
<daviid>davexunit: ^^
<davexunit>daviid: heh, sneek delivered, actually.
<davexunit>but in #guix!
<daviid>ah, sorry!
<davexunit>no, that's not your fault
<davexunit>sneek delivers in whichever channel the recipient talks in first
<daviid>didn't sneek got so much work :)
<daviid>didn't know*
<daviid>davexunit: fyi sly / website says: Website for guile-2d
<nalaginrut_>morning guilers~
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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
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*wingo sets ice-9 streams on fire
<wleslie>(set! (ice-9 streams) on-fire)
<ArneBab_>^ stream→steam ☺
<civodul>Hello Guilers!
<wingo>morning civodul
<wingo>i forgot how terrible ice-9 streams were
<wingo>there is no stream-cons, only this strange (make-stream producer state) thing
<wingo>though, maybe that is like stream-unfold... hmm
*wingo summons mark_weaver
<civodul>heh, i sympathize :-)
<wingo>well, i think i have rewritten (ice-9 streams) in terms of srfi-41
<wingo>in master
<wingo>so there's that, at least...
<civodul>sounds like a good idea, provided the behavior is the same
<civodul>i thought (ice-9 streams) had the "off-by-one" issue but not srfi-41, no?
<civodul>so you managed to reintroduce it? :-)
<wingo>not sure :)
<wingo>so certainly if the behaviors match, then of course this goes in
<wingo>i would think though that if they don't quite match but the difference is not important then also it should go in
<wingo>because two streams implementations, ugh
<wingo>that would also force GDB users to use ice-9 streams, which is nasty
<civodul>then again, even (ice-9 streams) is so much better than OO-style iterators
<wingo>heh, indeed
<wingo><gdb:iterator> is terrible :)
<wingo>civodul, mark_weaver:;a=commitdiff;h=fbdd7471c16b2a6378e4d0eea3073bc7ac202257;hp=c4c21de44f0108c5721fe0991da3a050d3c12677
<wingo>on a wip branch right now, but i propose we merge to master at some point
<civodul>looks good overall, we just need to make sure there's no corner case that would behave differently
<wingo>or at least we need to identify those corner cases and decide if they matter or not :)
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<ab1111>How do I use SLIB with guile v2?
<wingo>(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) then you can invoke any slib procedure
<wingo>if your slib is new enough anyway
<ab1111>So it works now? Great!
<ab1111>Do I only need a newer version?
<wingo>dunno, is it not working for you now? :)
<ab1111>No. But I'll check it out thanks:)
<wingo>the slib patch that enabled guile 2 is from 2 years ago
<ab1111>Maybe Fedora repos aren't up to date.
<wingo>heh, let us know how it goes
<wingo>i think the (ice-9 slib) change first appeared in guile 2.0.9
<wingo>and the slib guile thing in slib 3b4 or so
<wingo>if you have an earlier guile but a later slib there is a workaround
<ab1111>Didn't work for me even though I followed instructions....
<ab1111>A workaround?
<wingo>what is your guile version and your slib version?
<ab1111>guile 2.0.11, slib 3b4
<wingo>hum, that should be good enough
<wingo>what happens when you (use-modules (ice-9 slib)) at the repl?
<ab1111>I think it works in repl sometimes but not in scripts. Weird...
<wingo>could be some eval-when kind of issue
<ab1111>When I try to run a script it says something about
<wingo>like that require should be a macro instead of a procedure or something, so that it brings in syntax definitions at expansion time
<ab1111>some deprecated procedures...
<wingo>deprecation warnings are just warnings
<ab1111>Any advice?
<ab1111>Well thanks anyway:)
<wingo>do you have a test case?
<wingo>if so please put it up on
<ab1111>Sorry what do you mean? Like a failed script or something?
<wingo>ab1111: like a script foo.scm that you would expect to work
<wingo>but that doesn't
<wingo>ideally a small script :)
<ab1111>I can make ones that don't work because all use-modules calls for SLIB module fail.
<wingo>but (use-modules (ice-9 slib)) works for you at the repl?
<ab1111>I think so. I not sure because I gave up on using SLIB several months ago.
<ab1111>I think it worked fine if I remember correctly
<jmd>How do I represent the character # ?
<artyom-poptsov1>jmd: #\\#, no?
<jmd>artyom-poptsov1: It would seem not.
<artyom-poptsov1>jmd: Well, in my case, (display #\\#) displays "#"
<artyom-poptsov1>jmd: At least it works this way in Guile 2.0.9
<jmd>Ok. My bad.
<shifty778>let the REPL tell you. (read-char) type # ENTER.
<jmd>I don't follow the documentation for string=
<jmd>what are the start1 end1 start2 end2 args?
<wleslie>say you want to check a prefix
<jmd>wleslie: Yep. That's exactly what I want
<wleslie>(string= "foox" "fooy" 0 2 0 2)
<wleslie>not sure why there are two of these things
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<wingo>ahoi dsmith
<davexunit>what's the name of that collection of scheme cryptography modules?
<davexunit>I think it's on github, and I think the name had something to do with a type of metal or something...
<davexunit>ijp would know...
<davexunit>these need to be packaged up for guile
<davexunit>lots of useful stuff in there.
<civodul>davexunit: it's in guildhall!
<civodul>guild install industria
<civodul>not in Guix though
<davexunit>civodul: shows how much I know
<davexunit>yeah, we need it in Guix, but I'm not sure if anything needs changing
<davexunit>I'll have to see what guildhall does.
<civodul>it's pure Scheme, so we just need to copy/compile the files i think
<davexunit>I don't think guildhall is packaged for guix yet...
<davexunit>civodul: yeah, and also generate docs, since they are texinfo.
<davexunit>added to my TODO list.
<civodul>good :-)
<wingo>hoo, hopefully done with gdb for now
<paroneayea>heya bipt`
<paroneayea>bipt`: I still get excited about the idea of a guilemacs crowdfunding campaign!
<alezost>is it intended that 'file-exists?' returns #f on a broken link?
<alezost>I mean I do "ln -s /wrong/path /tmp/f1" and (file-exists? "/tmp/f1") gives me #f
<davexunit>alezost: looks like it follows the link
<taylanub>alezost: FWIW that seems to be consistent with 'test -f'
<alezost>understood, thanks